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A Cross-Cultural Examination of Philanthropic Trends Amid Unprecedented Times

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow employed online survey to explore volunteerism across various countries.

A Cross-Cultural Examination of Philanthropic Trends Amid Unprecedented Times

Project background:

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only been a health crisis but also a crucible for redefining the essence of community, compassion, and collective responsibility. In the face of adversity, the world has witnessed an extraordinary surge in acts of generosity, volunteerism, and a heightened awareness of environmental issues. This unique confluence of circumstances provided an opportune moment for our esteemed client, a postdoctoral researcher at University of the Witwatersrand, to explore the evolving landscape of giving and volunteerism.

This study sought to answer critical questions: How have perceptions of giving shifted in the face of a global crisis? What motivates individuals to contribute their time, resources, and efforts towards the well-being of others? How do cultural, environmental, and socio-demographic factors influence these attitudes? To provide a thorough response to these inquiries, the project broadened its scope beyond the immediate concerns of the pandemic. It delved into a comprehensive examination of broader themes, encompassing environmental issues, general beliefs, and socio-demographic aspects of the respondents.


  • Digital Accessibility Disparities:
    Addressing a varied demographic across Kenya, USA, Egypt, and South Africa underscored the need to contend with disparities in digital accessibility. While some regions boasted robust internet infrastructure, others faced limitations, potentially affecting the representation of certain populations. Mitigating these discrepancies required tailored strategies to ensure inclusivity and representative insights.
  • Cross-Cultural Nuances:
    Conducting research across culturally distinct markets such as Kenya, USA, Egypt, and South Africa posed a challenge in ensuring cultural nuances were accurately captured. Sensitivity to local customs, values, and communication styles became imperative to extract meaningful insights without imposing Western-centric perspectives.
  • Technological Infrastructure Reliability:
    The success of an online survey hinges on the reliability of the technological infrastructure supporting it. Challenges such as server downtimes, connectivity issues, or glitches in the survey platform can disrupt data collection. TGM Research has demonstrated mastery in this critical aspect, employing rigorous testing, meticulous contingency planning, and swift resolution mechanisms to mitigate these technological challenges and maintain the survey's integrity.


  • Study type: Polling \ Opinion survey
  • Service provided: Sample only
  • Markets studied: Kenya, USA, Egypt, South Africa
  • Total sample size: 1150 National Representative
TGM case study map - Global


Through our expertise in online data collection, TGM Research has significantly contributed to the successful completion of our client's postdoctoral project. The comprehensive survey, spanning diverse markets including Kenya, USA, Egypt, and South Africa, yielded a wealth of valuable insights into the evolving landscape volunteerism, shifting priorities, cultural nuances, and the interplay between environmental concerns and philanthropy.

Client's feedback:

"The TGM Research team was extremely helpful and kind both during the quotation and the implementation of the entire project. They provided high-quality results which helped me develop my research work at Wits, Business School, Johannesburg."
Emmanuel Silva Quaye, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of the Witwatersrand, Wits Business School

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