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Public perceptions of pet-friendly establishments in the USA

Exploring dog owners' opinions on pet-friendly facilities in public places


Public perceptions of pet-friendly establishments in the USA

Project background:

The pet industry in Western countries is witnessing a transformative shift in consumer behavior and attitudes towards pet ownership. A driving force behind this trend is the profound influence of social media. With a surge in pet profiles and the widespread sharing of engaging videos, memes, and pictures, the online world has catalyzed an upswing in both pet adoption and purchases.

The way we care for our beloved pets is undergoing a remarkable evolution. Today, pets are cherished as loyal companions, joining us on daily adventures and becoming integral parts of our lives. It is becoming increasingly common for individuals to bring their pets to public places, including cafes, restaurants, stores, and even the workplace.

Recognizing this evolving phenomenon, an interested Client has sought TGM's expertise to conduct a comprehensive survey in the USA. The main objective was to gain insights into the perspectives of American pet owners regarding pet-friendly facilities in public places, with the ultimate goal of fostering a more inclusive environment that caters to the needs and preferences of both parties.

Key data facts about USA


  • Project type: Full service / Concept testing
  • Market studied: The United States of America
  • Sample:

    N = 500

    Age: 18-70+

    Gender: Males and females

  • Target audience: Dog owners
Full service / Concept testing in USA


TGM played a pivotal role in project management, diligently overseeing the field operations and ensuring constant communication with the Client. Thanks to the abundant availability of the desired target audience, we successfully completed the survey in an astonishingly short span of just 3 days. The collected data provided our Client with valuable insights into the overall opinions of American pet owners regarding pet amenities in public places. We hope that this project will make meaningful contributions toward enhancing the comfort and convenience of both pet owners and their furry companions in the future!

Client's feedback:

"Prompt, speedy, and precisely tailored to meet my requests".

As the leading online data collection agency, TGM Research has conducted multiple market research projects, pioneering online research in North America. To learn more about our recent projects in the USA and other countries please contact us.

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