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What's on the Minds of Americans?

For businesses seeking to establish a foothold in the US market, understanding the evolving priorities of consumers is paramount for crafting strategies that resonate authentically. Our survey uncovers the top concerns gripping the minds of American consumers today, revealing invaluable insights for strategic decision-making.

What's on the Minds of Americans?

As we navigate through shifting global dynamics, economic fluctuations, and societal transformations, the need for businesses to stay attuned to consumer sentiments has never been more critical.

🔍 What are the top concerns shaping US consumers' decisions in 2024?

🔍 How can businesses leverage this knowledge to better serve their customers?

🔍 What opportunities lie within these challenges for businesses seeking success in the US market?

Now, more than ever, grasping the fears, aspirations, and needs of the American consumer base is the key to unlocking success and resilience in your endeavors. Download TGM Consumer Sentiment Survey in the US 2024 now!

Top 1: Rising prices (24%)

As the specter of inflation continues to cast its shadow, consumers across demographics find themselves grappling with a common adversary: the soaring cost of living. As prices surge and purchasing power wavers, the older demographic emerges as a particularly discerning cohort, who have weathered economic fluctuations over the years and are acutely attuned to the slightest shifts in prices.


Long-Term Value Focus: Emphasize the long-term value and durability of products to justify the price points and reassure consumers about the lasting benefits of their purchases.

Price Guarantees: Consider implementing price guarantees or fixed-rate programs to provide consumers with a sense of stability and assurance.

Top 2: Health & Well-being (18%)

Traditionally, concerns regarding health and wellness were often associated with older demographics, reflecting the natural progression of life stages. However, our findings challenge this assumption. Surprisingly, the 18-24 age cohort is also exhibiting a profound level of concern regarding Health/Wellbeing, reflecting a fundamental reevaluation of personal well-being as an indispensable element of lifestyle choices among younger demographics.


Support for Healthy Lifestyles: Aligning with consumers' health goals, brands can offer support through promotions, discounts, or partnerships that encourage and reward healthy lifestyle choices.

Top 3: Financial Security (15%)

Amid economic uncertainties, the pursuit of financial stability takes precedence as individuals and households seek to fortify themselves against unforeseen challenges. Our report finds that middle-aged individuals, often navigating responsibilities such as mortgages and retirement planning, find themselves grappling with the imperative of securing their financial futures.


Flexible Payment Solutions: Introduce flexible payment options or installment plans to ease financial strain, providing consumers with more manageable ways to make purchases.

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