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Ramadan Mubarak

TGM Ramadan Insights 2024

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, TGM Research invites you to participate in the annual Ramadan consumer study for the third consecutive year.
TGM Global Ramadan Insights 2024

2024 Ramadan Worldwide Insights

How Ramadan celebrated in the world?

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic Lunar calendar and considered the most awaited and revered time of the year for the Global Muslim community. Its characterized by spiritual reflection, devotion, and generosity. During Ramadan, one-fourth of the world's population undergoes significant changes in lifestyle, including fasting from dawn to dusk for an entire month, increased prayer and self-control, engaging in introspection, and charity. Nearly 2 billion people around the world do this in hopes of strengthening connection to the divine and absolving sins. While these shifts impact religious practices, they also have a direct and substantial impact on consumer behaviour.

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    There are 1.9 Billion Muslims worldwide

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    98% of surveyed Muslims will celebrate Ramadan

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    4 countries studied: Indonesia, Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia

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    Country representative sample in each country surveyed

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Key Dates for the Celebration


1st - 9th




Time for Ramadan preparations, grocery shopping and preparing to receive guest! It’s a moment to make home festive now and enjoy the pre-celebration.
Beginning of Ramadan. Time for self-reflection and spiritual celebration.
The atmosphere of the place transforms from solemnity to joy, as preparations for celebration of Eid commerces and the month of Ramadan draws to an end.
The end of the fast has come, historically being a time for gift-giving and travel, with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
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TGM Ramadan Report 2024

Ramadan 2024 - Data Pill
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Selected insights from the report

How will Ramadan 2024 be different from last year?

Key highlights from the TGM Ramadan Report 2024

  • How is Ramadan going to look like this year?

    As Ramadan 2024 approaches, insights from the TGM Ramadan Report provide a glimpse into how this sacred month will be celebrated and cherished by communities worldwide. With an overwhelming 98% actively participating in Ramadan celebrations every year, it's evident that this time holds profound significance for individuals across cultures and traditions.

    One notable aspect highlighted in the report is the importance of familial connections during Ramadan. While 90% of respondents typically engage in visiting friends and family in their local area, a significant 67% also embark on travels to reunite with loved ones. However, in light of current global circumstances, this year may witness a shift towards more localized celebrations, with fewer individuals opting for long-distance travel.

    Culinary traditions continue to play a central role in Ramadan festivities, with the top three favorite dishes for 2024 being Samosa, Mahshi, and Knafeh. These beloved delicacies not only tantalize the taste buds but also serve as a cultural cornerstone, symbolizing the richness of tradition and heritage that accompanies Ramadan celebrations.

    Moreover, the spirit of generosity and giving is expected to be prevalent during Ramadan 2024, with 60% expressing their intention to increase charitable contributions for the upcoming month. This commitment to philanthropy underscores the essence of Ramadan, which encourages acts of kindness and compassion towards those in need.

    As communities prepare to observe Ramadan 2024, the landscape of celebrations may undergo subtle changes, with a greater emphasis on local gatherings and community-focused initiatives. Despite these adjustments, the core values of reflection, gratitude, and unity remain steadfast, making Ramadan a time for spiritual renewal, familial bonds, and charitable deeds.

  • What eating trends are shaping Ramadan 2024?

    Home-Cooked Traditions: Shared Moments, Homemade Meals

    In Ramadan 2024, the essence of familial bonds and communal dining stands out prominently, as evidenced by an overwhelming 97% of respondents expressing their intent to enjoy meals with family members at home. This dedication to shared meals underscores the significance of familial connections during this sacred month, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness within households. Additionally, a notable 85% reveal their commitment to preparing home-cooked meals, highlighting the deep-rooted tradition of culinary craftsmanship and the cherished practice of sharing homemade dishes with loved ones.

    Personal Touches: Preparing with Pride

    As families convene to spend time together, a significant 76% of respondents demonstrate a preference for personally preparing the food. This inclination towards homemade meals reflects not only a sense of pride but also an acknowledgment of the value placed on tradition, as each dish is infused with personal touches and care. Moreover, this hands-on approach to cooking allows individuals to tailor recipes to suit their tastes and preferences, creating a dining experience that is both gratifying and meaningful.

    Favorite Ramadan Delights: Indulging in Beloved Dishes

    Examining the culinary preferences of Ramadan, it is noteworthy that the Samosa emerges as the favored dish among respondents, with its blend of savory flavors and crisp texture captivating the palates of celebrants. This sentiment is further corroborated by the findings from the previous year, indicating the enduring popularity of Samosa as a quintessential Ramadan treat. Alongside this staple, other beloved dishes such as Mahshi, Knafeh, Opor Ayam, and Rendang add depth and diversity to the culinary landscape of Ramadan traditions, reflecting the cultural richness and gastronomic heritage embraced by communities during this auspicious time.

  • How are consumer preferences shaping up for Ramadan shopping in 2024?

    Researching for the Perfect Buy

    As the anticipation for Ramadan and Eid celebrations builds, a resounding 78% of respondents, with females comprising 81% of this group, express a keen interest in conducting thorough research before making their purchases. This meticulous approach underscores a deep-seated desire for informed decision-making, as individuals strive to select items that will enhance their Ramadan and Eid experiences. Whether it's finding the perfect attire for Eid gatherings or selecting thoughtful gifts for loved ones, this emphasis on research reflects a commitment to ensuring every purchase aligns with personal preferences and expectations.

    Online and Offline Experiences

    In Ramadan 2024, the act of shopping assumes heightened significance, with 75% of respondents indicating their intention to dedicate more time to shopping. This dual-channel approach to shopping illustrates the evolving consumer behavior, as individuals seek to leverage the convenience of online platforms while also enjoying the tactile experience of in-person shopping. Whether browsing through virtual catalogs or exploring bustling marketplaces, consumers are motivated by a desire for variety and accessibility in their shopping experiences.

    Strategic Shopping Schedules

    For many individuals, the first week of March emerges as the ideal window for Ramadan shopping, strategically timed just before the commencement of the holy month. This proactive approach allows individuals to procure essential items and festive necessities well in advance, minimizing the stress and last-minute rush typically associated with holiday shopping. By securing their purchases early on, consumers can fully immerse themselves in the spiritual and communal aspects of Ramadan, knowing that their practical needs have been efficiently addressed.

    Price, Discounts, and Convenience

    When navigating their Ramadan shopping decisions, factors such as price, discounts, and the speed of delivery hold considerable sway. According to our survey findings, 75% of respondents prioritize price competitiveness when making purchasing decisions, while an equally significant 73% are drawn to discounts and promotions. Additionally, 68% of respondents factor in the speed of delivery or the convenience of pickup options when selecting retailers for their Ramadan purchases. This data underscores the multifaceted considerations that influence consumers' shopping behaviors, highlighting the importance of affordability, promotional incentives, and convenience in shaping their decision-making process during Ramadan 2024.

  • Are consumers expressing positivity or apprehension towards 2024?

    A Bright Outlook for 2024

    Looking ahead to 2024, sentiments are overwhelmingly positive, with optimism, happiness, and satisfaction emerging as the top three prevailing feelings among respondents. A remarkable 71% of individuals express a strong belief that the upcoming year will surpass the previous one, indicative of a collective sense of hope and anticipation for the future. This optimistic outlook sets the stage for a period of growth, resilience, and renewed enthusiasm as individuals prepare to embark on new endeavors and embrace fresh opportunities.

    Fostering Relationships

    In reflecting on personal experiences, respondents place a significant emphasis on the quality of their relationships with family and friends. With 68% rating their relationship with family and 56% rating their relationship with friends as good to extremely good, it's clear that strong connections and meaningful interactions are integral to their overall satisfaction with life. This highlights the enduring importance of nurturing bonds with loved ones, fostering a sense of belonging, support, and shared experiences that enrich the fabric of daily life.

    Investing in Self-Improvement

    Beyond nurturing interpersonal relationships, respondents also prioritize personal development and mental well-being. A notable 49% and 47% of individuals rate aspects of their lives related to personal growth and mental health positively, respectively. This emphasis on self-improvement underscores a commitment to holistic well-being, as individuals recognize the importance of investing in their own growth, resilience, and emotional vitality. By prioritizing self-care and personal development, individuals lay the foundation for a fulfilling and balanced life, characterized by resilience, growth, and a sense of fulfillment.

Ramadan Consumers Research by Country

Ramadan Consumers Research by Country

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TGM Ramadan Country-Focused Reports 2024

What you will get
from the TGM Ramadan Report 2024?

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Comprehensive data on consumer trends and preferences during Ramadan across different countries, allowing a better understanding of consumer needs.

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Insights into consumer behavior which can help businesses develop more effective marketing strategies

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Results of a worldwide independent survey of over 2,900 consumers asked in Egypt, Indonesia, KSA, and UAE, providing a broad and representative sample.

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Extensive data appendices to support the research’s findings and insights, dwelling deeper into the results. The country-focused Ramadan report with detailed information can be downloaded.


The survey was carried out between the 01st and 22nd of February 2024, using the method of online interviews in 4 countries on a representative sample of 18-40+.
The sample is representative of the adult Muslim population of the given country in terms of gender and age.


Age groupings by 18-24 (22.0%), 25-29 (16.7%), 30-39 (33.6%), 40+ (27.7%).
Country sample size: Egypt (N=1,250), Indonesia (N=750), KSA (N=600).
Results were weighted to take the country's population structure aged between 18-40+ into account.


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