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Exploring Psychological Needs and Team Boosting in South African Context

A study delves into the intricate connections between psychological need satisfaction, need frustration, work engagement, and team-boosting behaviors in South Africa.

Psychological Needs and Team Boosting

Project background:

The interaction among psychological need satisfaction, need frustration, work engagement, and team-boosting behaviors in the workplace underscores the nuanced dynamics influencing employee well-being and organizational effectiveness. Satisfaction directly enhances work engagement, while frustration impedes it. Positive team-boosting behaviors act as crucial mediators, and workplaces that foster effective communication and a shared purpose serve as buffers, mitigating the impact of need frustration.

The collaborative research effort between TGM Research and the North-West University in South Africa represents a significant endeavor to explore the intricate dynamics of workplace interactions. The study focuses on understanding the relationships between fundamental psychological needs, work engagement, and team behaviors within organizational contexts in South Africa.

Key data facts about south africa


In this study, a notable challenge was encountered in reaching the targeted demographic of individuals aged 55-65. Addressing this specific quota required a high degree of flexibility in recruitment strategies. The older demographic often presents unique considerations and preferences in participation, necessitating adaptability in the research approach.


  • Market studied: South Africa 
  • Sample: N=350
  • Targeted Audience: General Population
  • Quota: Age and gender
  • Method: Polling/Opinion Survey


The successful outcome of the survey was marked by insightful revelations from survey responses. The survey, designed to gauge participants' experiences in South Africa, provided valuable data on key team dynamics. The analysis of responses uncovered noteworthy patterns in behaviors such as storytelling and taking initiative within teams. These findings offered North-West University informative insights into the prevalent actions and dynamics among team members.

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