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Amidst the currents of global change, consumers are undergoing a profound reassessment of their values and preferences. The ongoing geopolitical events and economic uncertainties have significantly altered the terrain upon which consumer decisions are made. Our TGM Consumer Sentiment Report 2024 digs into the connections between these big-picture changes and how they shape consumer behaviors around the world.
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The TGM Consumer Sentiment Reports 2024

TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page Icon Mapping Global Sentiment
Rising price is a major concern across surveyed countries
TGM Consumer sentiment 2024 landing page map
European countries show greater concern about Wars in the world
Middle Eastern countries prioritize worries regarding Health and well-being
TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page Icon Country Snapshot
Significant Trends Observed Across Surveyed Nations
consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page US flag Significant increase in private-label brand popularity.
consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page Netherlands flag Mixed impact on the fashion industry, with increased spending on clothing but decreased spending on jewelry.
TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page Czech Republic flag TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page Italy flag
Reduced spending across various categories, notably in the Food and Beverage sector.
TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page UAE flag TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page Egypt flag
Transportation and Fuel stand out as the category where more spending is anticipated.
TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page KSA flag TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page Indonesia flag
High openness to taking loans within the next three months.
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Consumer Sentiment in 2024: What You Need to Know

  • 2024 brings forth a myriad of concerns that shape the way individuals interact with the market. One of the foremost concerns gripping consumers globally is the relentless surge in prices across essential goods and services. The ongoing geopolitical events, ranging from trade disputes to political upheavals, also inject an additional layer of complexity into the consumer psyche. The resulting uncertainty and unpredictability contribute to a sense of unease, compelling consumers to adopt a more conservative approach to their spending habits.

    TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page US Top Concerns

  • In the face of relentless pressures of rising prices and the unsettling specter of global conflicts, consumers worldwide find themselves navigating a landscape fraught with economic uncertainty. A pervasive sense of worry clouds the minds of individuals as they grapple with the escalating costs of everyday essentials. This mounting concern has compelled a significant number of consumers to reevaluate their priorities, adapt their spending habits, and seek innovative strategies to weather the challenges ahead. A significant number of consumers have indicated that they've had to modify their spending habits over the past three months. Additionally, many are intending to scale back their expenditures in the coming three months in anticipation of further price increases.

    TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page US Top Concerns

  • Consumers are strategically utilizing all available resources to optimize their purchasing decisions, reflecting a growing emphasis on value-consciousness. What's striking is the willingness of consumers to veer away from traditional brand loyalties in favor of exploring new avenues that promise greater affordability. Private-label brands and alternative shopping methods are witnessing a surge in popularity as consumers seek out cost-effective options without compromising on quality. This pivot away from established brands toward more budget-friendly alternatives underscores a shift in consumer mindset towards pragmatism and fiscal responsibility.

    TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page US Top Concerns

  • Our exploration of consumer portraits within the broader context of global uncertainties emphasizes the importance of recognizing the diverse nature of contemporary consumer sentiment. Younger generations are more troubled by rising prices, grappling with the impact of inflation on their purchasing decisions and financial planning. Conversely, older generations, who have weathered their fair share of economic storms, find themselves more preoccupied with geopolitical tensions and global conflicts. The specter of war and its far-reaching ramifications weigh heavily on their minds, influencing their perceptions of stability and security. These disparate concerns have sparked distinct shifts in spending habits and priorities across various consumer categories. Understanding these sentiments is paramount in adapting strategies to effectively engage with consumers amidst this complex landscape.

    TGM Consumer sentiment us 2024 landing page US Top Concerns

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A global perspective with data gathered from 8 countries across 4 regions. Whether you're targeting local markets or expanding internationally, our report provides the insights you need to make informed decisions.

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Insights into consumer behavior which can help businesses develop more effective marketing strategies

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