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Curious about the buzz surrounding 'The Big Game' in the US? Dive into TGM's exclusive report, uncovering unique insights into how Americans are gearing up for this iconic game day experience.

The Big Game Survey In 2024 | The US Report

Disclaimer: Due to trademark constraints, the term 'Super B***' couldn't be freely used, leading to the informal use of "The Big Game" to refer to this championship event.

This insightful report, capturing the essence of the sentiments through the perspectives of over 1,000 respondents in the US, offers an accessible yet profound understanding of what makes 'The Big Game' an integral part of American identity. From discerning preferred food and beverage choices to understanding the nuanced preferences for artists and performances, the findings provide a detailed panorama of the cultural and social landscape influencing 'The Big Game' celebrations.

TGM The Big Game Survey in the US 2024

The report is an essential tool for anyone aiming to understand Americans behaviors and gain insights into 'The Big Game' in the US 2024. You can download free report here.

The Big Game: What to Know

Established in 1966 as the championship game of the American Football League, this event has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of American sports, serving as the thrilling culmination of each football season. Notably, as of 2022, the game has shifted to the second Sunday in February, adding a new layer to its storied history (Wikipedia, n.d.).
In the story of how "The Big Game" got its name, Lamar Hunt, the founder of the football league in the US and owner of the Kansas City team, coined the term 'Super B***' (censored as the term is a registered trademark). According to his son, Lamar Hunt Jr., the idea was inspired by his “Super Ball” toy (Time Magazine, 2016).

Beyond the game itself, 'The Big Game' is watched by people all around the world, making it one of the most popular sports events and boasting the largest audience among all American broadcasts. It brings diverse communities together to enjoy athleticism, entertainment, and the thrill of competition. 'The Big Game' is not just about the final score, it's a stage for memorable performances, groundbreaking ads, and a reflection of what's happening in society. Its impact goes beyond the field, leaving a lasting impression as a symbol of unity, entertainment, and the spirit of American sportsmanship.
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Unlocking the Power of Sports Tourism: The Big Game Saga

Unlocking the Power of Sports Tourism: The Big Game Saga
In the realm of sports, mega events like "The Big Game" possess an irresistible charm that extends well beyond the excitement of the actual match. According to the TGM Global Travel Report 2023, a significant 23% of global travelers actively seek trips that go beyond the sports action, preferring those enriched with festive activities.

Looking towards 2024, "The Big Game" emerges as a central event in the sports tourism calendar. Apart from the sheer thrill of the game, its economic impact on host cities is truly monumental. The extravagant halftime shows, and high-profile advertisements have elevated "The Big Game" to the level of a national cultural touchstone.

This economic prosperity extends beyond the stadium, generating increased demand for various services - accommodations, dining, transportation, and entertainment all experience a noticeable boost. This positive domino effect not only leads to job creation but also leaves a lasting legacy of economic development in the host city.
"The Big Game" isn't just a singular spectacle, it exemplifies how sports have a unique ability to bring people, cultures, and economies together on a grand scale.

Game Day Essentials: Insights from TGM The Big Game Survey in the US 2024

As we anticipate the grand spectacle of the LVIII game, insights from the TGM Big Game Survey in the US for 2024 provide a fascinating glimpse into viewers' preferences and expectations.
A substantial 62.3% of respondents reveal their plans to watch the game from the comfort of their homes, emphasizing the growing trend of home-based viewing experiences. For over half of those surveyed, the primary purpose is the game itself, with 61.3% expressing their eagerness to witness the sporting showdown. In the second position, the halftime show captures significant attention, with 21.1% of respondents looking forward to the dazzling performances.

Delving into halftime show preferences, Taylor Swift emerges as the artist of choice for 13.3% of respondents, highlighting a strong desire for her captivating presence. The report also unveils a diverse list of potential performers, including Rihanna, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Usher, Nicki Minaj, and more. Notably, Usher has already been announced as the artist set to grace the halftime show for the LVII game in 2024.
Insights from TGM The Big Game Survey in the US 2024
Shifting to predictions for the champion football team, 17.2% of respondents place their bets on the football team from San Francisco, while a competitive group of 13.7% believes that the team from Baltimore will clinch the coveted trophy.

These insights offer a captivating snapshot into the diverse expectations and preferences of viewers gearing up for the Big Game, adding an extra layer of excitement to the anticipation of the upcoming sporting extravaganza.


  • Market studied: The US
  • Sample: N=1,166
  • Targeted Audience: General Population
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