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Redefining Digital Storage: Insights into Content Creators' Choices and SSD Adoption

Analyzing the utilization of solid-state drives in the Middle East and Africa.

Redefining Digital Storage: Insights into Content Creators' Choices and SSD Adoption

Project background

As our lives become increasingly digitized, content creation has emerged as a dynamic and sought-after profession. Social media and digital platforms have opened up unprecedented opportunities for individuals to create and share content with global audiences. However, as with any new technology, it comes with a unique set of challenges.
One of the most significant obstacles that arise from the abundance of digital content is the issue of data storage. As storage devices fill up, device performance can suffer, leading to frustratingly slow functionality and even lost content. This raises the crucial question:

How can content creators effectively manage their digital creations? Do they rely on traditional storage solutions, such as hard drives and USB drives, or are they turning to newer, more innovative solutions like solid-state drives (SSDs)?
Our market research company has been entrusted with this intriguing question by a client. As the demand for efficient storage solutions continues to rise, understanding the underlying factors that guide individuals' decisions becomes paramount for businesses operating in the storage industry. This thought-provoking project specifically focuses on selected countries within the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and African regions, aiming to unravel the intricacies surrounding SSD purchasing behavior.


One of the primary challenges in this project is identifying and recruiting an adequate number of panelists who are active content creators. While the world is witnessing a surge in digital content creation, identifying and accessing this specific target audience can be challenging. Content creators may not be easily reachable through conventional recruitment channels, and it may require extensive networking within relevant online communities, social media platforms, and digital forums.
On the other hand, the two regions exhibit substantial socio-economic disparities, with significant income gaps between different countries. Consumers' purchasing behaviors are likely influenced by their economic circumstances and access to financial resources. Researchers must carefully segment and target respondents based on socio-economic factors to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the perceptions purchasing decisions related to SSDs.
Overcoming recruitment obstacles, addressing language barriers, accounting for cultural considerations, and navigating technological disparities are key considerations for successful research in this context.


  • Study type: Usage & Attitude
  • Services provided:

    Localisation | translation

    Data collection

    Data cleaning & processing

  • Total Sample: The total sample size for the market research project will consist of 1500 respondents, with 300 respondents from each of the target markets. The sample size ensures a comprehensive representation of the audience across the selected countries.
  • Market studied: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria
SSD Usage - Target Audience


The market research project on SSD usage and buying behavior among content creators and users/non-users of portable SSDs in the MENA region and selected African countries aimed to provide comprehensive insights into the preferences, motivations, and challenges faced by the target audience. By analyzing the data collected from the diverse sample, the research sought to gain a deeper understanding of data storage practices in the digital era.
The findings have implications for both the market and industry stakeholders, enabling them to refine their marketing strategies, product offerings, and customer support to better cater to the unique needs of content creators and users/non-users of portable SSDs in the region. The research outcomes serve as a valuable resource for market players seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital content creation landscape.

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