Reliable solutions for each stage of your research projects.

Expansive global coverage, high-quality data, and quick turnaround times mean we’re ready to serve all your research needs. 


Reliable solutions for each stage of your research projects.

Expansive global coverage, high-quality data, and quick turnaround times mean we’re ready to serve all your research needs.

Do you need professional support with creating your market research survey, sampling, data collection, project management or reporting? You are in the right place.

TGM Research Survey Design

Survey Design

No time? No problem. With our complex survey design services, we’ve got you covered.

With our industry-leading tools and global teams, we'll help you design the most complex and technologically advanced research projects. Let us know what you need and we’ll take it from there.

TGM Research Sampling Definition


Running survey? Collect online data globally from verified, unique, and engaged panellists.

You need through defining your sample size and the profile of the audience you wish to research. Discover a new, cost-effective type of online panel that delivers superior data.

TGM Research Recruitment


Looking for people for your research projects?  Check how we can help. 

Get the answers you need. Explore the advantages of using a unique digital panel to research your target audiences for qual or own panel recruitment. Engage reliable sources and get the participants you need.

TGM Research Global Data Collection

Global Data Collection

Need support with managing your global projects? Check how we can help.

Our extensive coverage, detailed profiling, and expertise in data collection allow us to manage multiple projects in multiple countries without sacrificing data quality. Enjoy convenient 24/7 support from a highly-capable team who speak your language which will help you achieve your project objectives.

TGM Research Data processing

Data Processing

Get high quality data. Our dedicated team follows a set of best standards.

We will process the input removing bad samples from your data and ensure that it is ready for tabulation and analysis, provide transcripts, code the qualitative fields and much beyond. Take full advantage of the collected data by Data Files and Tables, Transcription and Translation of Audio and Video

TGM Research Reporting


Visualize your data with our tabulation tool and create easy-to-understand graphs and tables.

We will help you analyze your data and make sure that it is ready for reporting. Make the right desisions thanks to insights delivered through: Automated On-line Dashboard, Customized On-line Dashboard, Automated Reporting in Power Point or Expert Reports.

Our research services

At TGM we provide comprehensive support for all your research needs. 

We’ll take care of inviting participants, managing the fieldwork and completing your project on time. And if you would like, we can also help you program your questionnaire. 

Our panels

Reach global, think local – with our panels, it is extremely possible.

Read more about the panel and data sampling method.

Join the world’s best-known brands we worked with.

We have a proven track record of supporting market research and project management services clients from the world’s leading multinational companies and organisations, both private and public sector. 

Our work has included projects for:

    Get better responses. Faster.

    TGM Research Panel Audience gives access to millions of respondents waiting to take your survey.

    TGM Research - mobile surveys

    We are living in the digital world with new opportunities for the market research. Join the mobile journey. TGM Research specializes in mobile market research and online panels.

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