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    We provide global insights for quality decisions

    With our most comprehensive and tech-advanced representative online market research panels you will grant access to audiences in over 130 countries across the world. 


Everyone benefits from data-driven knowledge. At TGM, we support and empower organizations like yours through powerful research solutions. We provide global data gathering and full-service research—all designed to help you make better decisions. Use our cutting-edge survey tech to gather actionable answers. Experience global consumer intelligence now!

Our panels

Reach global, think local – with our proprietary research panels.

Read more about the panel and data sampling method.

Our solutions:

For marketers

Discover how your campaigns are performing. Determine how your new creatives are impacting brand lift and awareness scores. We will help you survey people within your target markets across the globe to help you inform or refine your strategy, develop content or product ideas, and more.

For Agencies

With the ability to target respondents' broad demographics across multiple regions, we offer a one-stop-shop to conduct your market research survey. We enable fast, affordable consumer intelligence to reach the right audiences worldwide. Run your projects quickly when responses are most relevant.

For Academia

Reach audiences to participate in your research. We will help you find survey respondents within targeted demographics. Whether you are surveying the general population, nationally representative, or a targeted sample, we guarantee that you will find the right audience for your survey.
Agencies, brands, firms, and many other organizations, including:


Feel the difference

We believe that technology can make navigating through our lives a lot easier. Our automated solutions and global reach allow us to operate: Faster, Smarter, Better. With our mobile market research, you get reach, speed and quality research across 130+ countries worldwide—all in one place. Seasoned team, advanced profiling, machine learning, neural networks to map panelist behavior, precisely targeted and engaged, motivated respondents. We are at your service and ready to help you with your next research project.

Global reach for mobile market research surveys

We give you unmatched reach and penetration that allows us to support businesses from different parts of the world, including APAC and MENA regions, as well as carrying out research on difficult niches.

Best quality standards for mobile research

Good data starts with good survey design and a well-maintained panel. This is why we always do High-Quality Survey Design, Early-stage fraud detection, Real time Fieldwork checks, Additionally automated and manual post-study checks.

Fast mobile data collection

Thanks to deep pre-targeting, we optimize conversion and limit rejections in surveys. By mixing our respondents panel with an intelligent sampling method, we give you fast sample collection.

Affordable pricing for mobile surveys

100% automated and self-administered surveys, global rewards scheme and partnerships- economy of scale and better response rate.

Want to know more?

We give you unmatched reach and penetration which allows us to support businesses from in different parts of the world, including APAC and MENA regions but also carry out research on difficult niche.


Good data starts with good survey design and a well-maintained panel. This is why always we do High-Quality Survey Design, Early-stage fraud detection, Fieldwork checks​, Additional automated and manual post-study checks.


Thanks to deep pre-targeting to optimize conversion and limit rejections in surveys and mixing our respondents panel with an intelligent sampling method we give you speed sample collection.


100% automated and self-administered surveys, global rewards scheme and partnerships- economy of scale and better response rate than on the desktop only.


Personalised research offer

Get powerful insights using various mixes of our products and services. They will help you to discover new opportunities for your business. CX, brand research, business development, sample only or full-service research – now all you need in one place.


Award winning technology solutions

At TGM, we constantly seek partners that enable us to be more agile and 10x better than our competitors, as we believe that tech excellence is imperative to handle complexity. We are using a set of tools providing a state-of-the-art mobile research technology. Explore our capabilities in survey creation, online data collection, data processing, automated qualitative sentiment coding, scripting and data quality standards .

Get better responses. Faster.

TGM Research Panel Audience gives access to millions of respondents waiting to take your survey.