Quality Assurance

Our comittment to data security, privacy, & reliability.

Quality Assurance

Our comittment to data security, privacy, & reliability.

At TGM we take data quality seriously. We are setting the standard by using industry leading audience fraud & identity protection. We are commited to constantly higher the bar in quality, security, and data privacy. We take that matter very seriously.


Machine Learning Solution TGM Research

Machine Learning Solution

We use proprietory AI-based modelling automatically coding the open-ended questions, identifying gibberish/incorrect responses, enhancing data-quality and disqualifying respondents and bots in real-time.
Digital Fingerprint TGM Research

Digital Fingerprint

Our proprietary technology minimizes the risk of duplicating responses. Algorithm verifies IP address, browser cookies along with 30+ device and behavioural data points - translating it into a unique pannelists' ID.
Advanced Filtering TGM Research

Advanced Filtering

Known low-quality and spam responses are automatically filtered from your dataset. We also disqualify pannelists from further studies based on their automated data assesment quality .
Scoring TGM Research

Real Time Scoring

With our multi-check scoring system, we consistently track respondent activity & quality of their engangement. The more thoughtful the response, the higher the score.
Attention Checks TGM Research

Attention Checks

We ask specific questions to ensure that our respondents are engaged and paying attention to their task.
Indirect Variables Measure   TGM Research

Indirect Variables Measure

We check multiple indirect data quality variables mesures such as: speed or straight lining - to provide the highest data input.
Response Consistency Control TGM Research

Consistency Control

Advanced alogythimics tests help us verify if the respondents are providing real answers, all in real time.
Human Supervision TGM Research

Human Supervision

Our quality control team regularly combs through responses to flag low-quality answers & spam - ensuring that the insights you gain are never compromised.
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    Information Security Management System (ISMS)

    Information Security Management System (ISMS)

    Tight outlines of security objectives, policies, procedures, roles, and controls, as well as the responsibilities of all our employees to help protect our data.
    Recovery, continuity, and response

    Recovery, continuity, and response plans

    TGM maintains thorough and tested plans to mitigate the impact in case things go wrong. Because your security and safety is our prime concern.
    World-class partnerships

    World-class tech partnerships

    TGM engages large scale and trusted tech partners such as: IBM, Amazon, and Cloudflare as the reliable and scalable backbone for our infrastructure.


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