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Egyptians’ Commitment to Charitable Giving Surges During Ramadan 2024, TGM Research Reveals

TGM Ramadan Report 2024 offers a comprehensive analysis of Egypt's Ramadan celebrations, eating habits, shopping behaviors, and reflections on past experiences, shedding light on the cultural and societal intricacies that define this sacred period.

Egyptians’ Commitment to Charitable Giving Surges During Ramadan 2024, TGM Research Reveals

SINGAPORE, 13th March - TGM Research, a technology-driven market research company with expertise in global online data collection and innovative survey technology, announces the release of its latest findings on the cultural dynamics and societal trends surrounding Ramadan in Egypt, as presented in the TGM Ramadan Report in Egypt 2024. This comprehensive report delves into celebration practices, eating habits, shopping trends, and reflections on experiences from 2023 and 2024 of a diverse sample of 1,250 respondents aged 18-40+ in Egypt.

“As we introduce the TGM Ramadan Report in Egypt 2024, we are excited to share our findings on how Egyptians actively embrace Ramadan year after year. Our study reveals the diverse celebrations and emerging trends, offering a window into the cultural richness of this cherished tradition. Through this exploration, we hope to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the cultural significance of Ramadan in Egypt, enriching our collective knowledge of this important event.” Greg Laski, CEO and Founder of TGM Research says.

Summarised below are key insights from the TGM Ramadan Report in Egypt 2024:

Ramadan in Egypt: A Time of Unity and Togetherness

In Egypt, the annual celebration of Ramadan is deeply ingrained in the hearts of its people, with an overwhelming 97% actively participating in the festivities each year. This sacred period serves as a cornerstone for familial connections, as evidenced by the overwhelming preference for shared meals and cooking with loved ones, at 97% and 81%, respectively, both enjoyed in the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, the spirit of unity extends beyond the confines of immediate family, with an impressive 87% taking the time to visit friends and family within their local communities. Additionally, a significant 68% invest time in researching what to buy for the celebration, highlighting their dedication to creating a memorable and fulfilling Ramadan experience.

Feasting and Giving: Inside Egypt’s Ramadan Spending

The significance of Ramadan in Egypt extends beyond religious observance to encompass communal values and acts of generosity. This year, a substantial portion of expenses, at 50%, is designated for food and drinks, with staple dishes like Mahshi, Knafeh, Samosa, Chicken, and Pastitsio gracing dining tables across the nation.

However, what truly stands out is the spirit of giving, as 23% of surveyed Egyptians prioritize allocating their funds towards charitable endeavors, surpassing spending on transportation and gifts. Moreover, 68% of respondents express their intention to increase their charitable contributions compared to previous years, underscoring the enduring commitment of the Egyptian community to support those in need during this sacred month of Ramadan.

Price, Discounts, and Convenience: The Keys to Successful Ramadan Shopping

In 2024, Egyptians plan their Ramadan shopping wisely. The majority opt to shop in the first week of March, just before Ramadan starts, while some early birds prefer late February to get what they need. Shopping in stores remains the preferred method for many Egyptians, with 35% of individuals expecting to do most of their Ramadan shopping in physical stores, and an additional 33% intending to exclusively shop in stores. This trend is prevalent across all age groups, indicating a widespread preference for in-person shopping experiences during this festive period.

When it comes to what matters most during Ramadan shopping, price tops the list for 78% of people. Discount and speed of delivery or readiness for pickup follow closely behind. These insights give a clear picture of how Egyptians approach their shopping, focusing on getting good deals and making sure they have convenient options for getting what they need.

From Good to Better: Egyptians Optimism for 2024

Egyptians look back on 2023 with positivity, particularly in their relationships with family and friends. Additionally, personal development and career were well observed, reflecting a balanced and fulfilling year for many.

Looking forward, there is a strong sense of optimism among surveyed Egyptians, with an overwhelming 56% expressing confidence that 2024 will surpass 2023. When contemplating the year, words like satisfaction, optimism, worry, and happiness dominate, indicating a widespread anticipation but also concern for the experiences that lie ahead, shaping an ambivalent outlook for the future in Egypt.

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