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A data-driven approach to investigate international students' decisive factors in studying abroad

How were online research surveys used to understand future international students' motivations to study abroad?

A data-driven approach to investigate international students' decisive factors in studying abroad

Project background:

Globalization and informatization significantly contribute to the increased human and knowledge flow; one example would be through multiple international studies programs. In 2018, the number of international students accounted for over 5.5 million worldwide. European countries share the biggest number of international students, receiving almost twice as many students as sending.

In 2020, there were about 50,000 international students in the Czech Republic, which constituted 17% of all students in the state. The country attracts more international students each year. Surprisingly, the global Covid-19 pandemic didn’t change the positive student flow. In 2020, there was an 8.1% increase in the number of non-Czech citizens enrolled at the universities.

Multiple activities are encouraging potential international students to start their student journey in the Czech Republic. One of the clients initiated the project to understand the future international students’ motivations and decisive factors to study abroad, specifically in the Czech Republic. The project aimed to reach out to the concerned students in the most successful way.

Source: Czech National Agency for International Education and Research


The project sample included people from 17 different countries (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, UK, Poland, USA, Israel, Ghana, and Russia); therefore, it required specific knowledge and management skills to collect data.
TGM case study map - Global


  • Sample: N=3200
  • Targeted Audience: People interested in studying in Europe (either full-degree placements or short-term mobilities in the Higher Education sector)
  • Age: 18-30
  • Timeline: September - October 2021


TGM Research successfully delivered data within 20 days by using online research methods. Thanks to advanced technology in sourcing and the expertise of the TGM team, it was possible to provide a full-service project. The survey helped to understand the motivations and decisive factors influencing studies in Europe, focusing mainly on the Czech Republic. Due to claims and visual tests, we could advise the most suitable communication strategy for potential international students.

As the leading online data collection agency, TGM Research has conducted multiple market research projects, pioneering online research in Asia, Africa and Europe. To learn more about our global projects and our expertise, please contact us.

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