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About TGM Research

At TGM Research, we believe in a global world where we connect consumers to what they want and businesses to the people that matter.
TGM Research is a data and insights company underpinned by technology. We help businesses like yours to identify, connect and engage with the people who matter. By capturing declared, first-party data, we help to understand, segment, target and engage with your target audiences globally through research that moves at the speed of culture.



Creating new research opportunities using modern and innovative methods of data collection.
“I founded TGM Research in 2017. My wish is to become a true business partner with those who are searching for answers and with those who want to share their opinion and make this world a better place. We believe in new technologies and we use them wisely.”
Greg Laski, Ceo Of TGM Research
Greg Laski, Ceo Of TGM Research


Our team is as global as our business. We understand what international cooperation means because it is our everyday life.
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At TGM Research,
we work as a Team to achieve More

Our 6 most important core values:
We build trust
We build trust
We build trust with clients and each other through responsible actions, honest relationships, and feedback. We bring research solutions that facilitate trust. Trust in our data powers, our reputation and the overall TGM brand. Therefore, we always act with integrity in everything we do, and we value the trust our clients and panel communities have in us.

We put quality first
We put quality first
Our goal is to improve the quality of research, data, and decision-making. Everything we do is focused on building world-changing, innovative research solutions.

We take ownership
We take ownership
If we see a gap in something, then we step in and take ownership. We are always accountable for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and our company. We do what we say we'll do. 'Step up, drive it, and deliver it!'

We are optimistic and we find a way
We are optimistic and we find a way
We are realistic but optimistic about the impact of what we do and what actions we take. There are always some challenges on the path, but there's always a way forward. We can all influence this outcome by acting with integrity, respect and optimism to drive progress.

We experiment and we improve fast
We experiment and we improve fast
We are execution-focused, take action with purpose, and look to build momentum. We all know that "fast gets good better than good gets fast" so we aim to make progress and make good decisions fast. We have a systematic experimental, constant improvement and learning mindset to make faster decisions and innovate, which are at the heart of our DNA.

We celebrate differences
We celebrate differences
We want you to feel confident being yourself! We care deeply about diversity within our team and our communities. Our team consists of people from numerous cultures and backgrounds. We embrace our differences, and we are open to being challenged and receiving feedback - because a diverse team feeds different opinions and brings innovative ideas to make better decisions.


Growing fast, continuously.
Working with leading companies and delivering insights from around the world, we are using unique methods of data collection. Our developed quality control tools are unmatched and include advanced digital fingerprinting technology.

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TGM Research hotline in Singapore

+971 5 4421 4421

3rd floor, 100 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

TGM Research hotline in Vietnam

+84 90 296 28 38

ul. Długa 29/226, 00-238 Warszawa

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+48 790 023 959

A2-102B Building no. A2, Al Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ, Ras al-Khaimah 1005, United Arab Emirates

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+971 5 4421 4421

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