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3 billion people
in 130+ countries
at your fingertips

Want to gain a thorough understanding of your
market, enhance your brand, or develop
successful products?
Proprietary online panels and mobile | TGM Research
Search no further; your target audience is here and ready to share opinions. Through
TGM's integrated proprietary and partner panels, our platform allows you to connect with
3.3+ billion individuals globally who are eager to give their time and provide you with
valuable insights.
Worldwide Access
Worldwide Access

Connect with customers all over the world.

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Reliable Data
Reliable Data

Receive high-quality data that provides accurate insights.

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Speed to insights
Speed to insights

Get relevant results in hours, not weeks.

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Get smarter about your market
with our global panel audiences

Know The Difference

Reach global, think local
With our panels, it is extremely possible.

Access a universe of consumer insights

Email or SMS invitations are sent to our highly profiled online/mobile panels. Respondents are recruited from various sources, to get the best possible sample. Each panel participant is described in detail, so we can precisely target our surveys. This shortens the time of collecting data and reduces the cost of performing the study.

We only partner with the best

Reaching users of global mobile networks of publishers like mobile social networks, games, apps, IM services, news sites, portals, websites, etc. It gives you the possibility to reach very specific audiences that are usually difficult to find on panels. They are real internet users, thanks to which their answers will be more in line with the real attitudes of consumers.

Wherever you need to monitor your brand, our multi-country
methodology will give you access to our 85 proprietary panels across
the world and a unique reach via our extensive network of partners in
more than 130 countries.

First of all, thanks to the wide audience of the survey, we can obtain
longer grace periods. Secondly, through the dynamic sampling
method, in which we ask the opinion of ordinary Internet users in their
typical internet environment, we can see attitudes and opinions
closely reflective of the real feelings and views of your consumers.

Our Panels

Reach global, think local – with our proprietary research panels.

Running a panel is like being
a good shepherd

On the one hand, we care about customer satisfaction - about providing the best quality data. Therefore, data and users must be constantly verified. Every day we improve the panel description to better target the polls. On the other hand, we try to make the panel participants feel appreciated and know about the value of their work.
TGM Research Panels

What makes our panels different?

We work every day to ensure that the quality of the data
collected through our panels is the best possible.
Multisource Recruitment

TGM sources its panellists from a wide variety of sources including affiliate networks, email opt-ins, marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, social networks, mobile apps and so on. This eliminates selection bias due to specific sources skewed to specific profiles and makes the selected panel a true representative sample of the population.

Blended Sampling Approach

While TGM is flexible to client specifications, we always recommend not selecting respondents solely from panels. A combination of respondents from online panels and dynamic sampling usually works best. Dynamic sampling counterbalances the “professional survey taker effect”.  Those respondents are recruited ‘in the moment’, are generally not part of existing panels and have never answered any surveys before. Hence, they are fresh and tend to have unbiased and more honest answers.

Strict Quality Controls

TGM employs a wide range of technology-enabled quality controls allowing for the collection of relevant data. These measures include advanced digital fingerprinting to ensure the lack of duplicate responses, trap questions to identify careless respondents, check for human vs. bot, and extensive geo-location control among others. TGM complies with all the ESOMAR regulations, including a double opt-in process for panelists, and its regulations for data collection.

Deep Profiling

TGM goes way beyond the general demographic profiling details so clients can get the most relevant sample. Hundreds of data points are collected and stored for each panellist, e.g. company revenue/industry, drinking preferences and frequency, health conditions, education, electronics ownership and travel history and preferences, to name a few.

Panel Engagement and Respondent Experience

In order to get meaningful responses to surveys, panel members must be interested and genuinely involved in research. TGM puts a lot of effort to motivate panel members by providing attractive incentives, a good interface, mobile-friendly questionnaires, and establish a diversity of tasks among other things. The responses are regularly monitored, and respondents who lose interest are dropped from the panels.

Data Privacy

TGM complies with the ICC/ESOMAR standards for data security. All data and project materials provided by TGM panel members and clients are stored on secure servers. The server premises are secured from unauthorized access using firewalls, data encryption, IP based permissions, CCTV, and swipe entry access control among other security measures. Moreover, TGM encrypts file paths or video content to prevent and reduce the ease with which materials can be taken from a survey. TGM does not sell its data to anyone and is GDPR compliant as well. Panelists have an option to access their data and unsubscribe anytime.

Our Data Quality Standard

How do we secure data quality?
At TGM Research, we use AI-driven models to reduce the likelihood of bots, fraud, and misuse
to maintain high-quality response standards to ensure you spend less time quality-checking
responses and more time exploring your research findings.

Read more about our approach to the data quality in our answers to the ESOMAR questions for
online sample buyers.
TGM Early Fraud Detection
 icon TGM Early Fraud Detection
Early Fraud Detection
  • Advanced digital fingerprinting (using IP address, browser cookies and other characteristics of a device)
  • Eliminate any suspicious IP addresses - proxies, server farms, non-correct geos
  • Multifactor recruitment/screening questionnaire
TGM Ongoing Quality Check icon TGM Ongoing Quality Check circle
Ongoing Quality Check
  • Trust Score (mutually exclusive responses, straight lining)
  • Swear Test
  • Total time of the survey Average time per question
  • Automatic blocking of abusive respondents
TGM Postprocessing Data Cleaning
 icon TGM Postprocessing Data Cleaning
Postprocessing Data Cleaning
  • Answer quality check using built-in SurveyGizmo tools
  • Low-quality data is quarantined then removed from the final data file (sometimes after additional manual review)
Branded Panel
To get panellists more suitable to your specific needs, especially for long-distance trackings and qualitative communities.
Branded Panel
To get panellists more suitable to your specific needs, especially for long-distance trackings and qualitative communities.
Industry Panel
At TGM Research, we know from experience that a company's specialization has a significant impact on its research needs. That is why we have created dedicated services for selected industries.
Industry Panel
At TGM Research, we know from experience that a company's specialization has a significant impact on its research needs. That is why we have created dedicated services for selected industries.

Get better responses. Faster.

With TGM, you have more than 130 markets and multiple local teams
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