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Understanding Investor Perspectives: A Multi-Country Concept Testing Project on Property Investment

A concept testing project to understand investors' attitudes, preferences, and intentions towards property investment.

Understanding Investor Perspectives: Concept Testing Project on Property Investment

Project background:

Property investment, as a pillar of financial growth and security, has perpetually captivated the minds of individuals and corporations alike, aspiring to forge pathways towards sustainable wealth creation. In the wake of a globally interwoven economy, the concept of cross-border property investment has emerged as a powerful force, gathering momentum in recent years. Facilitated by the forces of globalization, the quest for portfolio diversification, and the allure of high-yield assets, international investors are increasingly drawn to explore investment opportunities beyond their borders.

Even in a traditionally conservative country like Saudi Arabia, winds of change are blowing as the Kingdom sets its sights on embracing foreign investors in the real estate sector. In a groundbreaking move, Saudi Arabia is planning to relax its property ownership laws for foreigners, signaling a progressive shift in the nation's economic strategy. This move comes as part of a broader vision to diversify the economy and attract substantial investments into the thriving real estate market.

However, what drives investors to make their choices, the factors that govern their decisions, and the elements that shape their investment strategies remain a tapestry waiting to be deciphered. In the light of these compelling questions, a Client contacted us to conduct a concept testing project was to gain a comprehensive understanding of investors' attitudes, preferences, and intentions towards property investment. The project sought to identify the factors influencing investment decisions, explore potential barriers, and uncover the most appealing features that attract investors to different types of properties.


TGM case study map - Global Property Investors
Undertaking a multi-country online survey spanning across ten diverse countries presented a series of unique challenges during the execution process. Firstly, the diversity of the participating countries introduced complexities related to language barriers, cultural differences, and varying regulatory frameworks. Adapting the survey to ensure relevance and clarity across all regions required meticulous localization efforts. Secondly, as we aimed to cast our net wide and capture a diverse pool of participants within each country, ensuring the survey's accessibility and inclusivity became paramount. The project team had invested rigorous efforts in streamlining the survey platform, optimizing it for diverse devices, and guaranteeing smooth user experiences, irrespective of participants' technological prowess.


  • Study type: Concept testing
  • Services provided:

    Questionnaire | DG Development
    Localisation | translation
    Data collection
    Data cleaning & processing

  • Markets studied: Indonesia, Malaysia, China, UK, France, Germany, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain
  • Target audience: General Public (National Representation)
  • Household income: > USD4K per month and open to invest within country/ outside
  • Total Sample: 4400


With our expertise in managing the intricacies of an online survey, we expanded our reach and engaged with a geographically dispersed pool of respondents efficiently. Our proficiency in interpreting complex survey responses across diverse cultural backgrounds has been instrumental in distilling valuable insights. The rich harvest of data obtained from this ambitious undertaking has undeniably opened new frontiers of understanding within the realm of property investment.

As the leading online data collection agency, TGM Research has conducted multiple market research projects, pioneering online research in over 130 countries. To learn more about our recent projects in Asia and worldwide , please contact us.

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