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Amidst the rising interest in pet ownership and the strengthening human-pet relationship, TGM Research conducted a multi continent-wide survey to examine pet owners' behaviour. Explore the captivating insights from the comprehensive TGM Pet-care study, offering valuable information that you won't want to overlook.
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Key Findings from the TGM Pet Care Survey

Key Findings from TGM Pet Care Survey - pet as family member

of participants think of their pets as family members.

Key Findings from TGM Pet Care Survey - veterinarian service

of surveyed pet owners choose veterinarian service for their furry friends.

Key Findings from TGM Pet Care Survey - pet food brand

stands as the most relied-upon pet food brand in the world, chosen by 17% of participants.

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TGM Global Pet Care Survey

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Selected insights from the survey

Pet Care Consumer Behavior in 2023:
What You Need to Know

The relationship between humans and their animal companions has undergone a remarkable transformation. While pets continue to serve as a source of support for humans, the definition of "support" itself has significantly evolved in recent times. Nowadays, pets are primarily viewed as a source of emotional support, companionship, and even therapeutic advantages. Therefore, it is only appropriate for owners to prioritize their care accordingly.

Results from TGM Research’s Pet Care 2023 survey revealed that 58% of all the respondents surveyed globally were pet owners. Among these owners, 59% had dogs, while 53% had cats as their chosen companions. These statistics highlight the enduring fondness that people have for cats and dogs, as well as the comparatively smaller but growing interest in exotic pets, with 9% having fish as pets and 4% having parrots.

Attitude towards pets: attitudes towards pets in recent years has seen a remarkable shift, and that is exactly what our learning highlights as well. Our study reveals that 39-43% of respondents across various age groups express their affection for pets, stating their fondness for all types of animals. Additionally, 44-45% of individuals mentioned their preference only for specific pets.

Pet care services: The increasing recognition of the positive influence pets have on our lives, coupled with the availability of specialized pet care options, has transformed pet care practices into a crucial aspect of the pet industry. Social media platforms have also played a significant role in promoting awareness about pet care. Veterinary care stands as the most utilized pet care service, with 67% of respondents opting for it. Pet grooming services follow behind at 23%, and pet training/behaviourist services rank third at 10%.

Attitude towards Pets

Veterinary care stands as the most utilized pet care service

When considering a pet, the breed has gained significance. People have started looking for compatibility along with size, appearance, and grooming requirements. They have been increasingly considering the characteristics and traits of the animal as it explains the breed’s temperament and energy levels. Selecting the right breed helps ensure a harmonious match between the owner and the pet.

The data gathered from TGM Research’s Pet Care 2023 survey provides insights into the most popular cat and dog breeds.

Most popular Cat Breeds: The moggy, with its mixed heritage, diverse appearances and individuality stood out as the most popular cat breed, with 10.1% of respondents favouring it. Persians, known for their long coats and calm temperament followed closely at 9.4%. Siamese cats ranked third at 5.5% and European Shorthair, admired for their adaptable personalities came in a close fourth with 5.2%.

Most popular Dog breeds: On the other side, German Shepherd emerged as the most preferred famous dog breed, garnering the favour of 9% of the respondents for its intelligence and versatility. The Chihuahua, known for its small size and big personality, and the friendly-natured and loyal Labrador Retriever, were preferred by 7% of the respondents. Mixed breeds, with their unique traits and varied personalities, captured 5% of the respondents’ preferences.

Popular Cat Breeds

Popular Dog Breeds

In contemporary households, pets are now regarded as essential members of the family, and owners are committed to providing them with the best possible care. Pet owners are becoming increasingly cautious and aware of what they purchase for their pets and where they purchase it from. According to the findings of TGM’s Pet Care survey, pet owners are making more informed choices and paying attention to various factors when shopping for their pets. Notably, with growing concerns for nutritional value and potential side effects, owners are more conscious than ever about what pet food products they choose to purchase.

Despite the notable rise in popularity of online platforms due to their convenience and extensive product offerings, they have not emerged as the primary channel for pet owners' purchasing preferences. Based on our study, it was found that a majority of pet owners, accounting for 46% of the total respondents, favour supermarkets as their go-to channel for pet food. Independent or small pet chains were the preferred choice for 28% of respondents, with 21% of the respondents preferring online stores. However, it is worth mentioning that there are regional variations to these preferences. In the European region, for instance, after supermarkets, pet owners showed a greater inclination towards specialty pet chains as compared to independent pet stores and online platforms.

In a holistic view, among the multitude of factors influencing pet food purchasing decisions, quality stands out as the foremost concern, as evidenced by a resounding 81% of respondents prioritizing it. Price and ingredient composition ranks second and third, with 66% and 53% of agreed respondents, respectively. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region stands out as an exceptional case where pet owners prioritize products that address the specific needs and health concerns of their beloved companions above the sole consideration of ingredient composition.

Pet Owners

TGM Pet Food purchase

Pet owners have different approaches when it comes to feeding their pets. While some pet owners opt for carefully prepared homemade meals, others lean towards commercial pet food brands. And choosing the right pet food brand is crucial, as it directly impacts the well-being and vitality of pets. While preferences may vary based on region and personal priorities, opting for a reputable brand ensures that the food is made with high-quality ingredients, free from harmful additives or fillers, and offers a well-balanced composition to meet the nutritional needs of pets. By selecting a trusted brand, pet owners know that they are providing their beloved companions with the best possible nutrition and care.

Commercial pet food brands in the market are also in fierce competition with each other, striving to offer unique formulations to meet the diverse needs of pets. They aim to capture the attention and loyalty of pet owners by providing a wide variety of options to cater to the different dietary preferences and requirements of their pets.

Some brands have managed to establish credibility with consumers, as is evident from the results of this survey. Pedigree stands as the most relied-upon pet food brand globally, with 17% of our respondents opting for it. Closely behind are Whiskas with 15% and Royal Canin with 13%. Except for North America, where Whiskas and Royal Canin do not appear to be widely favored by pet owners, these brands have gained trust and popularity in other surveyed regions, making them the most popular among the options.

popular pet food brands

popular pet food brands
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Online survey with 15,000+ participants in 40 countries, broken down into gender, with 47.3% being Male and 52.7% Female.


Country sample size: Argentina N=392, Australia N=278, Belgium N=366, Brazil N=395, Canada N=419, Colombia N=368, Costa Rica N=271, Croatia N=386, Denmark N=254, Egypt N=454, France N=447, Germany N=442, Ghana N=370, India N=312, Indonesia N=413, Italy N=454, Japan N=521, Kenya N=345, Mexico N=387, Morocco N=507, Netherlands N=300, Nigeria N=462, Pakistan N=319, Philippines N=362, Poland N=525, Portugal N=404, Saudi Arabia N=388, Serbia N=346, South Africa N=406, South Korea N=266, Spain N=416, Switzerland N=185, Thailand N=319, Tunisia N=207, Turkey N=431, UAE N=415, UK N=458, US N=503, Vietnam N=294, Wales N=244.

Results were weighted to take country population structure aged between 18-55 or 18-64 (depending on country profile demographics structure) into account.

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