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50% of pet owners worldwide prioritize tailored nutrition products in their pet food purchases, according to TGM Research

Consumer Purchase Behavior

As the concept of pet humanization has gained significant traction, it comes as no surprise that the pet industry is experiencing a transformative shift to meet the evolving demands of its animal customers. Pet owners are going above and beyond to ensure that their furry companions receive the utmost care and attention, including providing them with the finest nourishment available. The comprehensive insights extracted from the TGM Global Pet Care Report 2023 provide further substantiation to this phenomenon.
Physical Stores Retain Prominence among Pet Owners
Evolving Priorities in Pet Food Selection: Balancing Quality, Tailored Nutrition, and Affordability

Physical Stores Retain Prominence among Pet Owners

Amidst the ever-growing landscape of pet supply options, physical pet supply stores continue to assert their enduring popularity among discerning pet owners. The allure of these brick-and-mortar establishments lies in the opportunity to physically examine product packaging, read ingredient lists, and compare options side by side, which provides a level of assurance and control that online shopping may not always deliver. Supermarkets, in particular, stand as the go-to shopping establishment for 46% of pet owners worldwide seeking their furry companions' nutritional needs. This prevailing trend is particularly prominent in the region of North America.
In Europe, pet specialty chains have established themselves as formidable players, captivating pet owners with their expansive product offerings that accounted for a noteworthy 28% of respondents. Meanwhile, the pet retail scene in LATAM, APAC, and MENA presents a different panorama, characterized by the more pronounced preference for small and independent pet shops. Pet owners in these regions gravitate towards these locally-owned shops as they value the sense of authenticity, local expertise, and close-knit relationships that are cultivated within these establishments.

Evolving Priorities in Pet Food Selection: Balancing Quality, Tailored Nutrition, and Affordability

When it comes to selecting pet food, pet owners worldwide continue to prioritize key factors such as quality and price as decisive elements in their purchasing decisions. However, as the phenomenon of pet humanization gains momentum, pet owners are raising the bar on their expectations for the products that nourish their beloved companions. 
According to TGM Global Pet Care Report 2023, a significant majority of individuals is presently driven by a strong inclination to satisfy their pets' requirements beyond mere basic sustenance. This growing trend manifests in a deliberate quest for products that hold a steadfast commitment to pet-centricity. The days of generic, one-size-fits-all pet food are long gone, replaced by a new paradigm that recognizes the individuality of each pet and their specific dietary requirements. Pet owners are showing a growing preference towards products that specifically cater to the unique needs of their pets, be it addressing allergies, sensitive stomachs, or age-related conditions. This tendency is particularly noteworthy in the LATAM region, where an impressive 54% of individuals prioritize tailored nutrition as a vital aspect when choosing pet food.
The heightened awareness of pet owners regarding their pets' nutritional needs has also ignited a surge in the examination of ingredient composition when selecting pet food. In TGM’s recent global pet care survey, a significant 53% of respondents indicated that they consider the ingredient composition of pet food as a crucial factor in their decision-making process. This profound shift in consumer behavior underscores the evolving priorities of pet owners, who now demand greater transparency and accountability from pet food manufacturers.

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