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Pedigree is the most popular pet food brand worldwide, according to TGM Research

16.7% of pet owners surveyed chose Pedigree as their top choice for pet food, followed by Whiskas and Royal Canin.

Pet Food Brands and Breeds

The selection of suitable nourishment for beloved animal companions remains a paramount concern for many pet owners around the world. With a plethora of pet food brands vying for attention and market share, competition is fierce in the industry as each strives to establish a strong presence to win the favor of our pets. However, certain brands have successfully risen above the competition, earning recognition and distinction for their reliability, excellence, and innovative advancements in product offerings. On a worldwide scale, Pedigree emerges as the most trusted pet food brand at 16.7%, followed closely by Whiskas (15.4%) and Royal Canin (12.7%).
The top 3 brands with the highest level of unaided brand awareness are Pedigree, Whiskas and Royal Canin.
The top 3 brands with the highest level of unaided brand awareness are Pedigree, Whiskas and Royal Canin.
Preferences for pet nutrition also vary across different regions and countries, reflecting the diverse practices and cultural contexts of each pet owner. While some households choose to prepare homemade meals with meticulous care for their beloved animal companions, others lean towards commercially branded pet food options. Notably, in the Middle East and Africa region, pet owners often prioritize homemade meals such as fish over packaged foods as the preferred sustenance for their cherished pets.
In the regions of Europe and the Asia-Pacific, brands such as Pedigree, Whiskas, and Royal Canin hold significant market presence and are widely recognized. On the other hand, in North America and Latin America, Purina and Iams also emerge as popular choices among pet owners. However, it is important to note that the ultimate selection of pet food is contingent upon various factors, including the individual needs and preferences of the pet itself, as well as the personal beliefs and priorities of the pet owners.

World’s Most Popular Dog and Cat Breed

The most popular cat breed is Moggy and the most popular dog breed is German Sherpard.
The most popular cat breed is Moggy and the most popular dog breed is German Sherpard.
According to TGM Global Pet Care Report 2023, German Shepard tops chart for the most popular dog breed worldwide at 7.7%, closely trailed by Chihuahua and Labrador Retriever (5.8%). Renowned for their exceptional intelligence, unwavering loyalty, and strong protective instincts, German Shepherds are regarded as reliable and dedicated family guardians. Their innate ability to assess and respond to potential threats make them a popular choice for those seeking a vigilant and protective companion.
On the other hand, Moggy takes crown as the most popular cat breed worldwide at 10.1%, closely followed by Persian (9.4%) and Siamese (5.5%). “Moggy” is not a specific breed but rather a term used to describe mixed-breed cats. They are often a result of mixed breeding between different cat breeds or a combination of various breed with no specific lineage. As a result, Moggies do not have predisposed personality traits, a defined appearance or temperament, and often come in a variety of coat and color.
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