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With the pet population continuing to grow worldwide, the Pet Care industry is actively seeking in-depth insights into its consumers. TGM Research has conducted a global survey across 40 countries, including Brazil. It is a comprehensive study that provides a detailed picture of the Pet Care landscape in Brazil that you won’t want to overlook.
Unveiling Key Insights

Highlights from TGM Pet Care Survey in Brazil

TGM Pets love

of participants in Brazil have not just one, but multiple pets.

groomer service

of pet owners in Brazil choose grooming services for their furry friends.

quality is the most important factor when choosing pet food

of surveyed Brazilians consider quality to be the most important factor when choosing pet food.

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TGM Pet Care Survey in Brazil

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FAQ About Pet Care Insights in Brazil

Which pet breeds are the most popular among Brazilians pet owners?

According to the survey, Brazilians have a notable preference for Siamese (19.3%) when it comes to felines. Similarly, Vira lata (20.4%) has emerged as the favoured choice among dogs, making it the most popular dog breed in the country amongst pet lovers.

What are the most popular pet care services in Brazil?

Veterinarian (78.2%) is the most utilized service among all available pet services in Brazil. Additionally, Groomer (12.5%) and Pet training (12.4%) services also emerge as popular choices among pet owners in the country.

Which channels are the most popular in Brazil when purchasing pet food?

In Brazil, the majority of pet owners prefer purchasing their pet food from Independent pet store or small pet chain (51.9%), making it the most popular channel. It is followed by Supermarkets (45.2%) and Pet speciality chain (e.g. Maxi Zoo, Kakkadu) (24.5%).

Which pet food brand reigns supreme as the most preferred among pet owners in Brazil?

Pedigree (41.3%) leads the Brazil's market as the most popular pet food brand. Golden Pet Food (19.9%) and Whiskas (19.5%) also hold a significant share in Brazil's pet food market.

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