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TGM Global
Travel Survey 2023

TGM Global Travel Survey
As we approach the peak of the travel season, are you wondering about the number of people globally planning trips abroad? Do you want to know their travel companions? Are you interested in understanding the main factors they're considering while planning their trips? Rest assured, we are here to provide detailed answers to these questions and beyond.
TGM Global Travel Survey 2023
Key Data Highlights

International Travel Habits and Plans
At A Glance

travel overseas for leisure

of respondents likely will travel overseas for leisure in the next 12 months.

cost & affordability are the most crucial factors in planning international trips

choose cost & affordability are the most crucial factors in planning international trips.

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of respondents prefer to make their travel bookings through the internet or websites.

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TGM Global Travel Survey 2023

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Exploring The Traveler's Mindset

Demographic Insights and Key Takeaways in 2023

TGM Global Travel report reveals that over 50% of respondents worldwide express a likelihood to travel abroad in the next 12 months. Western Europe emerged as the top choice for planned air travel destinations during this period. Notably, 69% of individuals are expected to travel overseas primarily for leisure, seeking experiences that offer relaxation and rejuvenation.

In terms of brand recognition, Emirates (8.8%) and Ryanair (8.1%) stand tall as the two leading airline brands. Customers notably value these airlines for their budget-friendly prices (13.4%) and excellent service (11.3%). Their dedication to offering affordable options and delivering a gratifying customer experience has built their solid reputation within the sector.

As for seeking new travel spots, the survey finds that 40% of respondents globally turn to travel agency websites for information. This is followed by YouTube and Tripadvisor, each with a 27% preference. Age and gender significantly influence these information sources. Older people (45-64) tend to trust travel agency websites and reviews due to their expertise. On the other hand, younger groups (18-34) lean towards visually engaging platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where enticing images and compelling videos inspire their travel decisions.

Over Half of Global Travelers Eager to Journey Overseas

Emirates  and Ryanair stand tall as the two leading airline brands

The report points out that a significant 60% of global survey takers prefer to travel with their family members. This trend is especially noticeable among those aged 35 to 54, underscoring the value they place on family bonds during their journeys. However, respondents aged 55 to 64 favour travelling with their romantic partners, highlighting the importance they place on companionship and shared experiences.

Regarding lodging choices, most participants favour budget-conscious, mid-range accommodations, usually in the three to four-star category (35%) or affordable options (36%). Travellers prioritize comfort and convenience without the need for over-the-top luxury. This approach ensures their accommodations meet their needs and fit within their budget.

Premium and deluxe lodging options are highly favoured when traveling.

Family and Companionship Top the List for Global Travelers

Our study reveals that, for many global travellers, journeys of relaxation and discovery are most prized. Over half (64%) put a premium on superior, comfortable travel experiences. At the same time, safety is a key issue for half of those surveyed, signalling growing attention to secure travel and peace of mind.

Affordable prices play a considerable role, particularly in France, where more than half (53%) of travellers name it as their chief concern. Beach and leisure pursuits are the favourite for 56% of global respondents, with a pronounced preference of 67% in Latin America. Cultural and culinary activities come second, liked by 43%. However, regional differences are apparent. Shopping, for example, stands out in Nigeria (64%) and Spain (65%) as a particularly popular activity.

Beach and leisure activities tend to be the top preferences

Cultural and culinary activities
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Travel Research by Country

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The survey was carried out between the 01st October - 17th October, 2022, using the method of online interviews (CAWI) in 21 countries on a nationally representative sample.

The sample is a representative population of the given countries in terms of gender and age.


Age groupings by 18-24 (15.5%), 25-34 (21.7%) 35-44 (22.9%), 45-54 (21.4%), 55-64 (17.7%).

Country sample size: Belgium N=356, Brazil N=354, Canada N=414, Colombia N=348, France N=463, Germany N=426, Indonesia N=396, Italy N=445, Mexico N=377, Netherlands N=318, Nigeria N=398, Philippines N=308, Poland N=515, Saudi Arabia N=401, Serbia N=344, South Africa N=356, Spain N=417, Turkey N=428, UAE N=412, UK N=366, Vietnam N=261.

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