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TGM Global
Travel Survey 2023

TGM travelers statistic by Turkey
With the travel season approaching, unravel the various facets of travel with the help of TGM's extensive consumer research conducted across the global travel industry. Get in-depth insights into the Turkey's travel Industry, uncovering travel preferences, behaviors, and emerging trends that shape the travel landscape of Turkey.
TGM Global Travel Survey 2023
Key Data Highlights

Turkey's Travel Habits and Plans at a Glance

travel overseas for leisure

Turks will likely travel oversease for leisure in the next 12 months.

cost & affordability are the most crucial factors in planning international trips

Turks choose cost and affordability as the most crucial factors when planning international trips.

make travel bookings through the internet or websites

Turks prefer to make their travel bookings through the internet or websites.

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TGM Global Travel Survey 2023 in Turkey

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FAQ About Travel Insights in Turkey

What is the travel planning trend in Turkey for 2023?

In Turkey, 66.4% of survey participants expect to travel abroad within the next year, mostly to Western Europe.

How do various generations in Turkey prefer to explore new destinations?

In Turkey, older age brackets, specifically 45-54 (42%) and 55-64 (43%), typically depend on established sources of information such as travel agency websites and reviews to plan their trips. In contrast, younger generations like Gen Z, aged 18-24 (52%), and Millennials, aged 25-34 (48%), prefer social media platforms, particularly Facebook or Instagram, to select their travel destinations.

What are the primary considerations for travelers from Turkey during their journeys?

Regarding travel preferences, Turk travelers place high importance on quality and comfort, with 77.8% of respondents stating these aspects as their top priorities during trips. Furthermore, they also highly value robust security measures (46.7%) and diverse activity options (40%), emphasizing a balanced blend of experience, variety of activities, and safety.

What are the favored activities and accommodation choices among the surveyed travelers?

A majority of travelers in Turkey (50.6%) expressed a preference for beach and leisure activities. In terms of accommodation choices, there is a widespread appeal for establishments that offer the highest ratings of four to five stars, as indicated by 40% of travelers. This strong emphasis on quality underscores Turkish travelers' desire for inclusive and exceptional experiences.
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