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The UAE Consumer Profiles during Ramadan 2024

Emiratis are blending tradition with modernity in their Ramadan celebrations, showcasing evolving insights into shopping habits, family connections, and community contributions in 2024.

The UAE Consumer Profiles during Ramadan 2024

In the UAE, Ramadan is not just a month; it's a period of profound spiritual reflection, community bonding, and an expression of faith and traditions that resonate deeply within society. According to the TGM Ramadan Report in the UAE 2024, an impressive 96% of Emiratis actively engage in Ramadan each year. This universal celebration highlights the holy month's significance across the nation.

Looking ahead to 2024, Emiratis share a collective sense of optimism, embodying the diverse ways in which they prepare for and engage with the holy month. From the dedication of Generosity Guardians to the enthusiasm of Ramadan Optimists, the diligent planning of Early Birds, and the hybrid shopping habits of Retail Explorers, the diverse perspectives of Emiratis reflect a rich tapestry of faith, tradition, and community spirit.

1. Home Feasters

In the UAE, Ramadan sees a significant preference for celebrating at home, known as Home Feasters. They relish the intimate warmth of sharing meals with family and friends in their own space. The report indicates that nearly everyone, approximately 97%, opts to dine with family at home during Ramadan. Similarly, an impressive 92% take pleasure in cooking homemade meals for their loved ones, underscoring their appreciation for home-cooked dishes and familial bonds. Despite their fondness for home, they also prioritize visiting friends and family nearby, with around 89% making time for such gatherings.

2. Generosity Guardians

Generosity Guardians among Emiratis truly embody the spirit of Ramadan, dedicating themselves to uplifting their communities. They engage in a wide array of charitable activities, from making donations to offering their time to volunteer or spearheading initiatives aimed at assisting those in need. Their actions stand as a testament to the compassion and selflessness deeply ingrained in the culture, particularly during the holy month. Recent findings from TGM Research indicate that 22% of Emiratis plan to contribute to charity during Ramadan, with a noteworthy 62% intending to increase their charitable giving.

3. The Early Birds

Early Birds in the UAE embody those who prefer to get ahead on their Ramadan preparations. This group ensures they complete their shopping for Ramadan essentials well in advance, targeting either the first week of March or late February. This proactive approach ensures they are fully prepared for the upcoming festivities, alleviating the stress of last-minute rushes. Insights from TGM Research shed light on the timing preferences of the UAE for their Ramadan shopping: 54% opt to do their shopping in the first week of March, just before Ramadan starts, while 29% prefer to complete it in late February.

4. Retail Explorers

Retail Explorers in the UAE seamlessly integrate traditional in-store experiences with the convenience of online shopping when preparing for Ramadan. They equally relish exploring physical bazaars and virtual storefronts. A notable 40% prefer conducting the majority of their Ramadan shopping in physical stores, supplementing their needs with occasional online browsing. Furthermore, their shopping decisions are strongly influenced by factors such as discounts, pricing, and the speed of delivery or readiness for pickup.

5. Ramadan Optimists

Emiratis are stepping into 2024 with a renewed sense of hope, evident in their optimistic outlook toward the upcoming year. A substantial 79% believe that 2024 will surpass 2023, underscoring a widespread sentiment of anticipation and positivity. When queried about their sentiments regarding 2024, many Emiratis cite optimism, happiness, and satisfaction as the predominant emotions. This positive outlook extends to various facets of their lives, with a significant majority expressing contentment in their family relationships (70%), friendships (59%), and mental health (58%).
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