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When it comes to global research, the need for translation arises. Translation, as they say, is an art and not a mechanical process (that's precisely why Google Translate is so bad!). You may have asked the right questions but you may still lose a lot of output and insights if the translation is not done properly. We employ experts across a range of languages to ensure that the meaning does not get lost in translation.

Why work with TGM Research on translation?


Taking care

Truly one-stop-shop for multi-country projects taking care of smaller needs like translation as well

Quality control

Strict quality control and a global panel of contracted translation experts

Adapt context

TGM ensures that each country questionnaire is localized; not only the translation but also the way to ask questions, to adapt context for locals as well as the list of items or brands.

Native speakers

 Systematic profreading routine by native speakers

Still hesitating to embrace mobile research?

Trying is the best proof of concept.

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We are living in the digital world with new opportunities for the market research. Join the mobile journey. TGM Research specializes in mobile market research and online panels.

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