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Market Entry and Business Consultancy TGM

Market Entry and Business Consultancy

Market Entry and Business Consultancy TGM

Market Entry and Business Consultancy


Business context & TGM Solution

Research reduces uncertainty

Launching a brand or a new product in a market or entering a new market with an existing one is always a risky experience. To maximize your chances of success and avoid losing money, using marketing research is essential to develop a market entry strategy. Use our information gathering and advisory services to gain a deep understanding of the market you are targeting. We offer you the market analysis and market entry consultancy, which comprehensively describe the new market situation and will make your future business decisions more accurate and help you avoid unnecessary risk.

You will learn the realities of business

We use market entry research and business consultancy to obtain a wide range of information that covers all aspects of the company's operations . They define the needs of recipients (demand-supply), indicate the target group of recipients of given products, determine the size and nature of competition, enable simulation of new markets reaction to the product or services and reveal new markets niches.

Working on existing and research data

Obtaining this information requires the involvement of experts in the field of research, marketing, consulting and data analysis. We use different approaches to provide you with the best market entry services. Not only do we use existing data (we collect the data as part of the desk research), but we also design decisive market research. We can divide dedicated market entry research and market entry consulting into qualitative and quantitative parts.

Qualitative and quantitative research for a better understanding of the market

Qualitative research includes individual interviews with experts in a given industry, focus groups with potential clients. As for the quantitative research, it is primarily CAWI research, thanks to which we can learn about the preferences of recipients, segment them, test ideas for positioning and communication on them, and evaluate new products and services across target groups. Using qualitative and quantitative market research, we can also identify touchpoints with the target group and learn more about their behavior and habits. With our help, entrepreneurs can better understand market mechanisms and plan the future of their companies more effectively.

Understanding the market context

When we cooperate with a client, we make sure to engage with the company's employees and a wide group of experts . With the involvement of representatives of various industries, obtaining reliable analysis and reaching conclusions for each company and each market, regardless of its specificity, is a guarantee. With our global experience on one hand and local associates on the other, we skillfully combine global cooperation with local specificity to tackle the challenges faced by international companies.


Why work with TGM Research on market entry?

Team of experts

Our dedicated team will guide you through all steps of your new market entry and business consultancy project to provide a complete understanding of the local specificities, along with providing support with analytics. Thanks to the knowledge of individual countries and markets, we will help you to formulate realistic hypotheses and build feasible strategies, as well as create solutions more tailored to the final recipients.

Comprehensive approach

We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative tools to research ideas, processes, services and products, with which we learn more deeply about the opinion of future customers about your offer. Depending on your needs, we will propose the most effective research tools and methods as well as methods of processing the market entry and consultancy research results.

Global view

Our long multi-national experience allows us to support businesses from different parts of the world, including APAC and MENA regions. We can manage international projects because we have a well-developed network of employees all over the world, granting us a good understanding of the local specificity.
Reach your target audience with our unique digital approach and get the ability to connect with your consumers in over 120 countries. Our services are available from anywhere, no matter where you want to carry out your study.

Support on every step of the process

We will support you at every stage of the research. Our team will be there with you at the start of the project and when its framework and goal are being defined, recommending the appropriate selection of research and conducting it. We can also work with your organization during workshops.

Results in one click

Get results, and your questions answered quickly. Test, validate your hypotheses and progress in iterations with TGM Express and receive the results in just a few hours. TGM Express makes your Market Entry or Consultancy agile, bringing you closer to your company’s goals at a convenient speed and a low cost.

Customized Online Dashboards

If you want to have your market entry services results on Power BI Dashboard, we can define KPIs and smartly use advanced analytics, provide different teams in your company with indicators that are important to them in the tracking research. The results will be available live, 24/7, for people with access to the different parts (defined by you) of the dashboard.


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