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Customer Experience CX Tracking Research

Customer Experience Tracking

Customer Experience CX Tracking Research

Customer Experience Tracking


Business context & TGM Solution

Consumer behavior has evolved, and today customer satisfaction and loyalty are mostly influenced by the overall customer experience rather than features or satisfaction from a specific product or a service.

Get now your brand touchpoints better

The relationship between companies and their customers has never been as important as it is now. It reached this level of importance thanks to the emergence of digital technologies along with the surge in various contact points and channels, resulting in a more complex omnichannel customer journey. Customers experience the brand at many touchpoints that are not always created and controlled by the brand. Therefore, the acquisition of information on a customer’s journey and awareness of how customers use your services and how your brand performs is the starting point for improving customer satisfaction.

Mobile and social networks also put the customer as the center of everything where not only can he easily promote and recommend products and services but also impact the reputation of a brand negatively. Never before have consumers had such a strong voice as they do today. Anyone at any time can now rate your brand, share their experience and will be heard by other customers.

The Customer Experience (CX) could be defined as an overall perception of the customer derived from a combination of all the interactions he or she might have with a brand. Interactions that revolve around products themselves, the employees or stores, the user experience of the website, the image of the brand and the values that are communicated.

The Customer Experience (CX) takes into account all different steps of the customer journey, before, during and after the purchase action. It, therefore, includes all points of contact, before, during or after the act of purchase.

Track your consumers experience

Customer Experience (CX) tracking is a complex process. But if brands want to retain their customers, they need to transform a simple purchase action into an extraordinary and memorable experience across all touchpoints of the customer journey.

We can increase customer satisfaction in at least two ways, using different customer experience metrics. First, we enhance the product or service to the expectations of potential customers. As part of customer experience control, we can measure the enthusiasm for brand activities with the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The second way would be the reduction of the effort the customer has to put into interacting with the brand and consuming what it has to offer; in this case, we use Customer Effort Score (CES) to measure consumer effort.

Try NPS score…

Customer Experience is often measured using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicator. It is very simple to study and interpret the indicator that allows you to measure the level of customer loyalty towards the tested brand. The Net Promoter Score is the outcome of one question: "On a scale of one to ten, how likely is it that you would recommend X brand to your friend?"

After that, we divide those who answered the question into three groups:
- Promoters - people who gave grades from eight to ten
- Neutral - people who gave grades seven and eight
- Critics - people who gave grades from zero to six.

We then calculate what percentage of the total sample are the promoters and what percentage is that of the critics. The last step is to subtract the percentage of the critics from the promoters.

...Or Customer Effort Score

When it comes to Customer Effort Score (CES), we inquire about the particular touchpoint in a customer journey by asking: „How much effort did you have to put into handling your order? Please rate it on a scale of one (very little effort) to five (too much effort)”. Through experience, we know that the less customer effort was needed, the higher their brand loyalty was.

(CX) tracking requires a business consultancy to efficiently and carefully consider all aspects of a customer's approach, needs and thoughts as well as various possibilities and limitations on the part of the organization of the company.

Feel our holistic approach

To ensure the success of such a project, we can offer comprehensive project management. Our project management includes designing the CX tracking (along with workshops with the client, if necessary), conducting the study (or its subsequent sprints if changes are implemented agile), reporting and presenting the results and working through them together with the customer's organization.

As part of the permanent cooperation, we can perform CX trackings, such as NPS tracking. Data from such trackings can be presented as part of customized Power BI Dashboards tailored to your needs.

Additionally, with our testing agency license, we can conduct CX tracking on your customer base.


Why work with TGM Research on Customer Experience Tracking?

Comprehensive approach

We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative tools to research ideas, processes, services and products, thanks to which we learn more deeply about your customers’ opinions. Depending on your needs, we will propose the most effective research tools and methods as well as methods of processing the CX tracking research results.

Impressive mobile experience

All the surveys we design are with a mobile-first approach. If you wish to catch your customer right after using the service, product or your support, you can do so using our surveys. These surveys will be ready to be displayed on mobile phones, thanks to which we reduce the barrier before the customer completes the CX tracking survey.

Online qualitative research

We conduct all qualitative research online and have processes prepared for recruitment, verification and rewarding participants remotely. By using a variety of qualitative tools, we can extract more information that will put quantitative research results in the context of your business. Our qualitative research offer includes IDIs, FGIs, Communities Online.

Customized Online Dashboards tailored to your needs

If you want to do CX tracking on Power BI Dashboard, we can define KPIs and smartly use advanced analytics and provide various teams in your company with indicators that are important to them in the tracking research. Results will be available live, 24/7, for people with access to the different parts (defined by you) of the dashboard. Thanks to our Online Dashboard service, you will impress your stakeholders with the best insights.

Comprehensive project management

CX tracking can be a long-term process. To ensure the greatest possible comfort for our customers, during CX tracking, we take on the organizational burden, both in terms of coordinating subsequent stages of the study and coordinating work in several markets at once (if necessary). We have decades-long experience in conducting research globally, so you can rest assured that your multi-country CX tracking research will be in good hands as well as the handling of all across country coordination.

Global brand strategy

Working with TGM Research gives you dedicated access to consumers in more than 120 countries with one unique standardized process and a single point of contact. With this approach, you gain agility and speed by reducing project management and time to spend liaising with each local office for research or fieldwork. Having a centralized process also reduces the fieldwork costs of your project considerably and allows you to have comparable data results with no differences in the methodology.


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