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UX User Experience Research TGM Research

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Go further with UX research

User Experience (UX), frequently associated with User Interface, could be explained by the general sentiment that a user (prospect or already customer) feels when interacting with all touchpoints of your brand.

It is common to think that User Experience is just limited to digital and cross-device experience with brand website experience or application. In reality, however, user experience goes far beyond that and gathers all aspects surrounding your product, such as ergonomics, usability, design and look, and many other functionalities.

Optimize our digital channels

Similar to the consumer purchase funnel, a website or mobile application must be designed in a way that allows optimization of the navigation and improves conversion at each step. It should, of course, lead to a purchase order, submission or any other action that brings you revenue in the short or long term.

There are several key areas to keep in mind if you want to design the best possible digital interface, and they all have one thing in common: all must require user experience research (UX research) and usability testing across all steps. UX research can be agile as a product development design process. It may consist of qualitative research as well as quantitative research, each time using different research methods so as to gain a deep understanding of the user's needs and design the best product for the final user.

Use our high-quality recruitment

For UX research, you need participants to test, validate and deepen the user experience. Don’t make the mistake to assume you will save time or money by skipping this step. You will regret it and it will cost you much more later to correct it than capturing that during user experience research.

Get beyond the bubble thanks to UX research

The product you design is for your future consumer; you need their feedback and a flow validated by them. The use of UX research methods as part of the design process reduces the risk of creating a product or service that does not reflect the needs of the customers. People, in general, base their assessments on themselves and their immediate surroundings. User interviews will provide an additional look at the UX design process and show new ways and situations of using your product within the target group, allowing you to provide your design team with material to work on a project that mirrors the user’s needs.

With TGM research, you can easily survey or interview your future users to better understand their needs before starting to design and create a new product. User interviews made by professional UX researchers will give you a better understanding of final user needs.

You can do agile UX research about ergonomics to build a solid functional interface by tapping into our pool of respondents and participants to validate your prototype or simple wireframe versions.

Try our global audience

Finally, access our global audience in 120+ countries to conduct further UX surveys (but not only UX) or usability testing studies to validate what works with your product, where to increase the conversion or simply gathering insights about your future market environment.

We are a digital research company helping brands with their digital transformation by providing participants from anywhere, anytime for your agile UX and UI Research.


Why work with TGM Research on UX Research?

Deep dive into Internet users

Thanks to the Dynamic Sampling method, we can recruit real Internet users who have never participated in market research before. This allows us to reach the insights of people who could use your product on a daily basis. Additionally, we are able to meet them online in their natural context, e.g. in a sports application or a mobile game.

Start-up attitude

We are not a large corporation and we are familiar with the agile approach of start-ups. We are up to date with technical innovations provided by research start-ups. That's why we're teaming up with suppliers of UX research tools to guarantee you the most modern options in your UX research. We will design research tailored to your needs. 

Global recruitment

We specialize in multi-country online research, where our experience allows us to deliver high-quality results almost anywhere. With us, you have 120+ markets, with access to 3.3 billion consumers at your fingerprint. We will help you find the audience your research needs and recruit participants for your UX research, task-based studies, usability testing interviews and other online quantitative research or qualitative research sessions.

Online qualitative research daily

We conduct all qualitative research online. We have processes prepared for recruitment, verification and rewarding participants remotely. We know how to conduct research with participants, as well as how to report such work. Our experienced UX researchers are here to help you.

Results in hours

We understand that time is crucial for your business, whether you need to test several versions of a wireframe, prototype, do fast card sorting and gather quick feedback. With TGM Research, get results and answers to your questions in hours. Test, iterate and validate your assumptions with unique access to our digital audience in more than 120 countries, anytime.

Cost Efficiency

Thanks to the affordability of our recruitment services, you can increase the number of iterations with the same UX research budget and proceed with agile sprints with your user experience research and usability testing. We also propose a bundle of credits for even higher economies of scales, to simplify your invoicing process and increase process turnaround.


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