Survey Design: Survey Scripting And Programming
Survey Design: Survey Scripting And Programming 
Survey Design: Survey Scripting And Programming

Survey Design: Survey Scripting And Programming 


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Are you planning an online study and looking for professional services to schedule your questionnaire survey design?  

Good programming is key in an online survey

An online survey can be accessed via a study link, and it can be answered or completed from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Therefore, questionnaire design and survey programming are crucial steps that should be done interactively to provide the best possible experience for respondents through eye-catching survey questions to ensure good survey results.  

Choose from a range of options to build your questionnaire

Today's survey software makes it possible to create surveys from a very complex questionnaire design. These designs include different logics and routines, proposing various answer choices such as closed-ended or open-ended questions, integrating hundreds of other tools or quality validations. While making surveys we always make sure they are also adapted to the convenient display of films as well as the embedding of unusual objects such as the presentation of prototypes of 3D products for people. 

Feel our mobile-first attitude

During creating survey it’s good to have in mind that smartphone surveys are undoubtedly the most economical, the easiest and quickest to set up, the most representative of the population and therefore offering the best value for money; However, the biggest challenge is making a survey that is interactive, interesting, simple, and easy to answer for respondents. Trusting TGM Research and our questionnaire design approach also means smoothing out the latest technologies to program questionnaires without errors and containing rigorous anti-fraud controls to guarantee the best possible quality. 

We use innovative digital ways for survey design and make sure to create a good survey for your respondents. We know that you need to understand your customers' needs at any time and from different parts of the world. Therefore, we, at TGM Research, encourage you to use mobile as a means of conducting surveys. Mobile and our innovative ways of programming the surveys give us: reach, speed, quality, cost-effectiveness. 

An easier way for the remuneration of participants 

Outsourcing survey design and programming also solve the issues of integrating the survey with the participant remuneration system. A complete offer will give you peace of mind and confidence that stems from knowing that we will take care of everything; not only to provide answers to your survey questions but also to ensure a great experience to surveyed people.  

As part of the scripting, we also provide questionnaire translation services, which we can adapt to any language you need.  


Why work with TGM Research on survey scripting and programming?  

Optimized Survey Design

We program our questionnaires to be suitable and optimized for each electronic device. Regardless of the type and complexity of the questions, our technology provides the best possible ergonomics and satisfaction to respondents. Collecting quality data cannot be done without quality programming when creating a survey. Thanks to our approach, participants are more satisfied and the surveys are more tailored to their needs. This results in a lower number of rejections of the survey by users, making collecting the full sample cheaper and faster.

Experienced consultants

We have a team of consultants and experts to support you and manage your study sites. Each project or survey is different and deserves a personalized approach. Our decades-long experience in the field allows us to know where to find the respondents you need for your projects and how to interact with them for optimal quality.  Since we operate globally, we know the specifics of many markets when it comes to designing a survey. Our experience allows us to create realistic assumptions, thinking respondents first and adapt survey questions to the audience.  

High-quality respondents

TGM Research employs a wide range of technology-enabled quality controls organized in three different levels: before the survey, during the survey and post-survey, to make sure that respondents are fully engaged with the research and answer questions as they should. These measures include advanced digital fingerprinting to ensure the lack of duplicate responses, trap and attention questions to identify careless respondents, check for suspicious behaviors or answers patterns. TGM complies with all of the ESOMAR regulations, including a double opt-in process for panelists, and its regulations for data collection and related data privacy policy.  

Speed, Speed, Speed

Global data collection with TGM is not just a product; it is a game-changing solution that allows you to access one integrated global audience for reaching almost any profile of people, anywhere, at any time. A solution that uses technology on a deep level to provide fast survey results that are ready to use. Our consultants, located in different time zones, will coordinate all aspects of your project with agility, using decades of experience to provide a fast turnaround. 

Cost Efficiency

Doing business with TGM Research, you can lower your market research costs and increase your profitability through economies of scale. Our company has its own proprietary audience of respondents worldwide, and our unique digital technology for research combined to automation reduces local project management for your project. 

Market share

With millions of surveys conducted every year and answers to our questions, we store a lot of data about incidence, penetration, segmentations or market share. Just ask and let us define the best approach for your global data collection together. 


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