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Our Services

Survey and Research Design - Instant and actionable consumer insights and data

Get the answers you need by creating your perfect research design, craft appropriate tools to secure a smooth execution stage and obtain the right answers you need.

Our Services

Survey and Research Design - Instant and actionable consumer insights and data

Get the answers you need by creating your perfect research design, craft appropriate tools to secure a smooth execution stage and obtain the right answers you need.

Whether you are starting from scratch and need help with a research project or have it already figured out but still need some advice, TGM is here for you!

Use our research design services to secure the success of your project.

We will help you to ask the right questions in the right way

Mobile or desktop, max-diff or unprompted awareness with sophisticated logics? No problem. 

Multiple countries in one survey? We do this every day! 

Got business problem but need to translate it into the survey?

Asking the right questions is key to getting good answers. Have your questionnaire designed our team or just let us check your survey for logic inconsistencies.  As professionals in market research, we offer you research and business consultancy along with questionnaire research methodology support . 


TGM’s offer will give you peace of mind and confidence that stems from knowing that we will take care of everything. By choosing a comprehensive offer, you get an all-encompassing service.

Taking into account the research objectives, we will design a research process that is time and cost-effective. Thanks to a properly selected research sample and research methods supporting global data collection, we will provide you with powerful insights that will take your project further.


We are a team of researchers and analysts from all around the world.  Our education and years of experience in conducting all types of research around the world allow us to accurately define the business challenges faced while working on different projects and the research goals resulting from them.


We combine our research knowledge to offer you optimal solutions for your business. Professional advice will allow you to ask the right questions in the study and select the most appropriate research method.

We can help with designin projects scoping both quantitative CAWI method - UX testing, Concept testing, Market entry, Advertising and Campaign research, brand research, pricing research, CX research, Mystery shopper as well as qualitative research screeners for - focus groups (FGIs), individual in-depth (IDIs) interviews, online communities and more.

Are you planning an online study and looking for professional services to schedule your questionnaire survey design? Our highly trained programmers can provide custom scripting solutions. All programming services include our robust quality checks to ensure data is of the highest standard:


Good programming is key in an online survey. Questionnaire design and survey programming are crucial steps that should be taken interactively to provide the best possible experience for respondents through eye-catching survey questions, ensuring good survey results. While creating surveys, we always make sure to adapt them to the convenient display of films as well as the embedding of unusual objects such as the presentation of prototypes of 3D products for people.


Our software makes it possible to create surveys from a very complex questionnaire design. These designs include different logics and routines, proposing various answer choices such as closed-ended or open-ended questions, integrating hundreds of other tools or quality validations.


During the creation of a survey, it is good to know that smartphone surveys are undoubtedly the most economical, the easiest and quickest to set up, the most representative of the population and therefore offering the best value for money. However, the biggest challenge revolves around creating a survey that is interactive, interesting, simple and easy to answer for respondents. Trusting TGM Research and our questionnaire design approach also means smoothing out the latest technologies to program questionnaires without errors and containing rigorous anti-fraud controls to guarantee the best possible quality.


We use innovative digital ways for survey design to create a good survey for your respondents. We know that you need to understand your customers' needs at any time and from different parts of the world. Therefore, we at TGM Research will always encourage you to use the right tools as a means of conducting surveys. Mobile and our innovative ways of programming the surveys give us: reach, speed, quality, cost-effectiveness.

Survey coding
Need scripting support for your questionnaire?

Running multi-country project? Need localisation support?

When it comes to international and multi-country surveys, the need for global translation inevitably arises. Communicating effectively in the local language is essential to secure high response rates and collect reliable, comparable results. At TGM, we offer in-house translation services supplemented by our extensive partner network.


To make sure that the quality of the data is maintained and no information is lost, we have created a network of trusted professional translators - our certified partners. Their work is under strict control so as to not lose anything important in your research. A native speaker, who is familiar with marketing studies, will always double-check the translations to make sure that the meaning of the questionnaire does not get lost in translation. If you plan on conducting your survey in several countries at once, our team can manage translations in all of them.


We operate in over 130 markets, and we can provide you with accurate translations in all of them. Our translation services include translations for qualitative research as well as global quantitative research. We also translate open questions and create code keys for subsequent data processing.


We can provide you and your clients with access to groups and a simultaneous translator if you are doing focus groups or in-depth individual interviews. You and your clients will be able to participate in the viewing of the qualitative research on an ongoing basis.

You will also have the ability to receive a video recording from each qualitative research we carry out. We can create professional subtitles with the best quality translation of the whole FGI/IDI in these videos. Additionally, we can provide translations after IDIs and FGIs, as well as the transcription of both the original and the translated.

The translation of documents or materials that you wish to use in the study, such as presentations, worksheets for respondents and research scenarios, is also part of our services. In addition to texts and other files, we also translate videos and audio recordings as well as adding subtitles to any movie in record time.


Whether the research you wish to conduct is quantitative or qualitative, our experienced team will be happy to write and or translate the finished report into any language, taking into account your business needs.

Our panels

Reach global, think local – with our panels, it is extremely possible.

Read more about the panel and data sampling method.

Join the world’s best-known brands that work with us.

We have a proven track record of assisting some of the world’s leading multinational companies and organizations, both in the private and public sector.

We work with:
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    Why work with us?

    Team of experts

    Our dedicated research team of consultants will guide you through all steps of your market research. They will provide full consultancy and understanding of the local specificities and ensure that the same methodology will apply. For the sampling plan, we aim to provide the exact same blend and sources for respondents across countries and waves so you can have comparable data for repeated measurement and historical trends. Our consultants will also support you with analytics to generate automated charting, create dashboards and turn data into insights. We will adapt the research and representation of the results to your needs and the needs of your organization after you let us know who will receive the research results, how will the results be used, and what are the main goals of the business.


    When working on research, our agency can be a catalyst that helps employees who have been immersed in the project for a long time gain a fresh perspective and lead them to new ideas. We have experience in business consulting and creating marketing strategies, sales strategies and strategies for specific brands and products. We use this experience in conducting workshops for customers, both before the study - to define research goals, key process assumptions, developing the study and the sample, collecting the data, and after the presentation of the study results - to popularize them in the organization and facilitate their processing and implementation of the recommendations resulting from the study. If you decide to cooperate with us, you will not be alone at any stage of the research - we will do it with you.


    Market research with TGM is not just a product; it is a game-changing solution that allows you to access one integrated global audience for your data collection, reaching almost any profile of people, anywhere, at any time. A research solution that uses technology on a deep level to provide fast results with automated dashboards and customized reporting ready to use. Our consultants, located in different time zones, will coordinate all aspects of your project with agility, using decades of experience to provide a fast turnaround. Thanks to the distribution of our team in different parts of the world, your project will be dealt with 24 hours a day. We have a long experience working remotely, so we can communicate and work effectively to complete your project faster than you think.

    Project management

    Market research can be an iterative process. To ensure the greatest level of comfort for our customers, during the study, we take on the organizational burden, both in terms of coordinating subsequent stages of the study and coordinating work in several markets at once (if necessary). 


    We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative research tools for new ideas, processes, services, and products, thanks to which we learn about the opinion of customers regarding a tested concept on a deep level. Depending on your needs, we will propose the most effective research tools and methods as well as methods of processing marketing research.


    Working with us will lower your market research costs and increase your profitability through economies of scale. TGM Research has its own proprietary audience of respondents worldwide, and our unique digital technology for research combined with automation reduces local project management for your project. Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

    • differentology logo
      Merve Muharremoglu

      "Director level involvement throughout the project- I like working with one consultant but feel the company's support. Also, the depth of expertise and quality of data are other reasons to work with them."

    • University of the Witwatersrand logo
      University of the Witwatersrand
      Emmanuel Silva Quaye
      "TGM team was extremely helpful and kind both during the quotation and the implementation of the entire project. They provided high-quality results which helped me develop our research work at Wits, Business School."
    • insights asia logo
      Rudi Wahyono

      "TGM Research was extremely helpful throughout the entire process to run this project online, providing valuable advice from the planning of the survey to the execution and delivery of the results. High-quality data, quick and professional!"

    • MUFG logo
      Kensuke Shimura

      "Really happy with the quick response and implementation of the survey. Expecting to have further opportunities to collaborate."

    • MDI Global logo
      MDI Global
      Robert Beaton

      "We worked with TGM for the third time, and we weren’t disappointed. The TGM Research team was helpful, dedicated, and quickly responded to all the queries and challenges that occurred. I’m looking forward to the next project together."

    • Griffith University logo
      Griffith University
      Dr Rautenberg
      "Team was very efficient with project management and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend TGM services."
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