Brand Tracking

Global Brand Tracking of your Worldwide Campaigns

Business context & TGM Research Solution

Measure changes in consumer perceptions/ behavior related to your brand over time. The same questions and metrics are used repeatedly across waves to measure the change.

In today's era of rapid change, brands need to be constantly on their toes and evolve together with the evolving needs of consumers to stay relevant. Always be aware of the 'pulse' of the market and know when you are not 'in-sync' with our brand tracking studies.

Why work with TGM Research on brand tracking?


Global brand

Hire just one provider for your global brand, with a reach across 120+ countries

Cost efficiency

Achieve cost efficiency and comparability of results across countries with a single research design process


Expertise in U&A studies, customer satisfaction, and brand equity tracking.

Local specificities

Local approach with a common master questionnaire along with location-specific additional questions and adaptations to ensure local specificities are also taken into account

New technology

Strong technology-enabled QC process, including advanced digital fingerprinting, catch questions, geo-location control etc, and compliance with relevant local and international regulations

Strategy for data

Full control of multisource blending strategy for data consistency over time. Online dashboard for active and real-time results monitoring

Still hesitating to embrace mobile research?

Trying is the best proof of concept.

For all new Clients, TGM Research offer a free trial online and mobile survey
TGM Research - mobile surveys

We are living in the digital world with new opportunities for the market research. Join the mobile journey. TGM Research specializes in mobile market research and online panels.

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