Global Brand Tracking

Global Brand Tracking

Global Brand Tracking

Global Brand Tracking


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Keep your brand up to date

In today's era of rapid change, brands need to always be on their toes and evolve simultaneously with the evolving needs of consumers to stay relevant. You will be aware of the 'pulse' of the market at all times and know when you are not 'in-sync' with our brand research across tracking studies. 

Try our multi-country brand tracking

At TGM Research, we specialize in multi-country brand tracking research, where our panels, along with our experience, allow us to deliver high-quality samples. With our brand tracking studies services, you can easily monitor brand metrics such as brand awareness, market share, brand associations, brand loyalty, etc. You can also track any changes with consumer perceptions or behavior related to your brand over time. With us, tracking your brand becomes easy. Our real-time dashboards allow you to monitor the performance of your brand on the market and help to take corrective actions to increase your business.  

The wide reach

The same brand studies questions and brand metrics are used repeatedly across waves to measure the change. Whether you need a single sample to conduct multiple waves with different or the same respondents each time, we offer various brand tracking options to suit your needs. Wherever you need to track your brand, our multi-country methodology will give you access to our 85 proprietary panels across the world and a unique reach via our extensive network of partners in more than 120 countries: in Asia Pacific, MENA, Africa, Europe and the Americas.  

Even hard samples

As TGM Research also specializes in emerging countries, we will help you transition your offline brand tracker online with our range of best practices. 

We take care of study quality

Brand tracking surveys are, without any doubt, one of the most frequent types of methodology for quantitative research. However, you need to follow a strict guideline to get optimized results for both consumer perceptions tracking and consumer behavior tracking.  

Because we conduct brand tracking surveys every day, we, understand very well the key elements that make a project successful, and we will help to ensure that all conditions are met for optimal results.  

Whether it is a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other frequency for your brand tracking occurrences or waves, we will recommend the best approach from the quotation stage for sampling and study design. This is to guarantee that we will have enough respondents for each of your waves to fulfill all the quotas that you need, assuming exclusions of respondents or not across the different waves. When it comes to sampling plans, you may want to avoid any distortion between countries or waves and have instead one standardized process. The reason for this is to remove sampling selection bias and obtain data consistency for your brand health tracking surveys.  

Comparability of results

At TGM Research, thanks to our technology, we can provide the exact same blend and sources of respondents for all waves and track efficiently brands KPIs such as brand awareness, brand associations, and many others that you need for your business.  

Support of experienced experts

Because not all projects are the same and that sometimes things don’t go as planned, you can count on TGM Research experts to guide you and advise you on the best practices for your brand trackers. We believe in digital technologies; we have the experience and are ready to help you to transition your offline tracking studies to online and mobile with all the testing and data calibration stages involved.  

When it comes to consumer perceptions tracking services and insights in real-time, you will be in good hands with us. 


Why work with TGM Research on Global Brand Tracking?

Global brand tracking strategy

Working with TGM Research gives you dedicated access to consumers in more than 120 countries with one unique standardized process and a single point of contact. With this approach, you get agility and speed by reducing project management and time to spend liaising with each local office for research or fieldwork. Having a centralized process will also reduce the fieldwork costs of your project considerably and allow you to have comparable data results for your business with no differences in the methodology.   

Speed, Speed, Speed

TGM’s global brand tracking is not just a product, it’s a game-changing solution that grants you access to one integrated global audience for reaching almost any profile of people, anywhere, at any time. This solution uses technology on a deep level to provide fast results with automated dashboards and customized reporting ready to use. Our consultants, located in different time zones, will coordinate all aspects of your project with agility, decades of experience to provide a fast turnaround. 

Cost Efficiency

While working with us, you will be able to reduce your market research costs and increase your profitability through economies of scale. TGM Research has its own proprietary audience of respondents worldwide and our unique digital technology for research combined to automation reduces local project management for your brand tracking project. Thanks to our high-quality panels, we target participants accurately, which makes multi-country brand tracking realization cheaper and faster.

Team of experts

Our dedicated team will guide you along with all steps of your brand tracking project to provide full consultancy and understanding of the local specificities and ensure that one same methodology will apply. For the sampling plan, we aim to provide the exact same blend and sources for respondents across countries and waves so you can have comparable data for repeated measurement and historical trends. Our marketing consultants will also support you with analytics to generate automated charting, create dashboards, and turn data into insights.  

High-quality respondents

TGM Research employs a wide range of technology-enabled quality controls organized in 3 different levels; before the survey, during the survey, and post-survey to make sure that respondents are fully engaged with the research and answer questions as they should. These measures include advanced digital fingerprinting to ensure the lack of duplicate responses, trap and attention questions to identify careless respondents, check for suspicious behaviors, or answers patterns. TGM complies with all the ESOMAR regulations, including a double opt-in process for panelists, and its regulations for data collection and related data privacy policy.  

Automated data visualization

TGM Research integrates a full range of analytics solutions for you to keep track of your KPIs. For you, we can create a customized brand monitoring dashboard using Power BI, define KPIs together, and generate insights that will answer your business needs. Our Power BI Brand Monitoring Dashboard smartly uses advanced analytics, provide various teams in your company with indicators that are important to them in the tracking research. Results will be available live, 24/7, for people with access to the dashboard. 


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We are living in the digital world with new opportunities for the market research. Join the mobile journey. TGM Research specializes in mobile market research and online panels.

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