Mystery Shopping and POS / Store Checks

Mystery Shopping and POS / Store Checks

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Mystery shopping is a method used by market research agencies to evaluate companies' customer service and point out any flaws or weaknesses. Researchers pose as ordinary customers and experience the entire process first hand.

Store checks are (usually) unannounced audits of the retail stores to understand and improve the in-store visibility of your brand and thereby increase uptake. Factors such as product placement, packaging and colours, stock checking, competitor benchmarking of products and staff attitude towards the brand are studied.

You may have a great brand and likable products/services, but that is not enough. The experience of the end-user when he/she visits the store for buying has a major impact on purchase decisions. Regular tracking of the end-user purchase experience is therefore essential.

Why work with TGM Research on mystery shopping and store checks?


Mobile surveys

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Research projects

Ability to take up research projects in 120+ countries through own physical presence and using strict standardized process and QCs.

One provider

Hire just one provider for your global brand


Usage of local people with the cultural and language understanding to ensure no mismatchs

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