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Market Research
in Italy

Doing mobile or online market research in Italy? Not sure where to start with your B2B or consumer market research project, or where to find an online panel? We offer market research services there! Readout our tips, country and TGM Panel Italy figures to help you succeed. Don't forget to ask us for our local expertise with online panels in Italy!
Online panel in Italy
Italy at a glance

Italy at a glance

Internet Users


Laptop / PC Users


Smartphone Users


Active Social Media Users


GDP Total (PPP)

$2.443 trillion / $40.470 (per Capita)

Italy's National motto

No official motto

Native name


Capital of Italy



59M / urban 71%

Median Age

47.9 years old

Local language


Key Cities

Rome, Milan

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TGM Research panels

Learn more about our online research capabilities in Italy:

Our Online Panel in Italy

TGM Research is operating a proprietary double opt-in online panel in Italy, which is recruited to accurately represent the country's population.

Recruitment Process

We understand that diverse recruitment sources ensure a representative sample. To minimize sample bias, we employ a multi-source recruitment approach. In addition, our panels are continually subject to a top-up recruitment process, and their response performance is constantly tracked. This ensures the maintenance of robust audience panel profile metrics, even when dealing with the most challenging target groups.

Quality Standards

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest possible quality. At TGM Research, everything adheres to the strict code of conduct established by ESOMAR. Whether it's building and managing online panels in Italy, collecting and processing data, or storing personal information, we ensure that everything is held to the highest industry standards.

Our team members speak the local language and are familiar with the local conditions in Italy. As a result, we can offer high-quality guidance for projects conducted on our panel in Italy. This enables you to connect with your audience and uncover the insights necessary to make informed strategic decisions

Expert Panel Management

At the heart of every panel company lies the panel itself, a truth we deeply understand at TGM Research. Our expertise lies in managing healthy and active panels thanks to the collective experience of our team, most of whom have spent over a decade in the industry, both on the client and panel provider side.
TGM Research pays extra attention to providing panel support to all members. Each consumer panel member gets quick feedback about their response in their preferred language to any inquiry via their chosen contact channel.

Consumer Panel Profiling

We collect multiple profiling datapoints from our panelists covering various subjects, including general demographics, family and household information, lifestyle choices, product ownership, transportation preferences, financial services, healthcare details, and more.

Category: Profiling information:
General demographics: age, gender, geographic region, income range, level of education, occupation, marital status, size of the household, and the number and genders of children in the household, along with their ages.
Transportation and mobility: vehicle ownership status, brand of car owned, age of the car, and whether the car was bought new or used.
Technology: smartphone ownership, brand of phone used, social networks, Internet usage, etc.
Family and Household: ownership of domestic appliances, the decision-making process for purchases, and home ownership status
Travel: travel habits, preferred modes of transportation, frequency of travel, the nature of travel, and the allocated travel budget
Financial services: utilization of financial services, the number and types of bank accounts held, and the use of credit and debit cards.
Occupational: employment status, job profile, professional role, industry of employment, and the size of the company

This list is not comprehensive since profiling questions for each category are regularly updated. This enables us to quickly adapt to specific client requests and save valuable time for respondents. If you would like to know more, contact us.


Why use TGM mobile and online panel in Italy?

TGM Research owns a double opt-in online panel in Italy recruited from multiple sources to be nationally representative and bias-free. TGM and its partner online panels are used solely for the market research purposes. Our market research panel is a pre-recruited group of respondents who have agreed to take part in market research projects: including quantitative research or qualitative: such as online surveys, in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups, discussion board or IHUTs.
Please find below the feasibility breakdown for market research in Italy in terms of gender, age, and region. If you are looking for further spreads, please contact us.

Age group distribution

Age TGM Census
15-19 6% 5%
20-24 11% 6%
25-29 11% 6%
30-34 11% 6%
35-39 12% 7%
40-49 24% 18%
50+ 25% 51%

Gender distribution of panelist

Gender TGM Census
Male 40% 49%
Female 60% 51%
Market research in Italy


TGM Research panels

Discover the Power of TGM Mobile and Online Panel in Italy:

Your Gateway to Invaluable Insights!

As a business owner or researcher, gaining valuable insights into your target market can be a game-changer. With TGM's Mobile and Online Panel in Italy, you can make informed decisions, optimize your marketing strategies, and ultimately drive business growth. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the power of TGM's Mobile and Online Panel - it's your gateway to invaluable insights that can transform the way you do business!

Nationwide reach

No need to focus on one specific city or province of Italy. With TGM's mobile panel, you can interview people from everywhere in Italy; which means a better sampling plan, better representation and better data extrapolation for your quantitative research analysis, or qualitative research projects.


Because surveys are self-administrated, your fieldwork costs are much lower. You can do agile research, more often, with a bigger sample size fitting your needs.


Using mobile and online technology, you can reach thousands of respondents at a glance to fill in your survey in hours and fulfill your quotas.

Sample quality

Lower costs should not be impacting the quality of your online surveys. At TGM Research, we take data quality very seriously with one centralized and standardized strict procedure for panel recruitment, panel management, and quality checks during the whole market research survey.

We use our unique digital fingerprinting technology and logical tests to measure engagement and trust for each of the respondents who will fill in your online surveys.

Respondent experience

Participants are the fuel of our industry. At TGM, not only do we think mobile first for respondents, but we also design optimized and fun studies for our panelists.

Thanks to our generous reward scheme that truly rewards respondents for their time and efforts, TGM is one of the fast-growing online research companies globally with the highest response rates and satisfaction scores.

We offer multiple options in terms of rewards redemption: by PayPal, GCodes®, in cash, as mobile top-ups, using Transferwise, wire transfer or through online vouchers

Different types of market research available

With our market research panel in Italy, you can conduct both quantitative research and qualitative market research projects - including popular consumer market research surveys, as well as more specialized (healthcare research, retail research, technology research, social research services and other)

TGM Research panel page: TGM Panel Italy
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