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Mobile device usage continues to dominate, with 81% of Muslims reporting using mobile devices during the Ramadan, TGM Research finds

The advent of digital technology has transformed how Muslims engage with their faith during the holy month of Ramadan. As a time of heightened content consumption, Ramadan is an important testing ground for the intersection of religion and technology, thanks to the increasing availability of Islamic digital content, mobile apps, and websites for digital spirituality.
Ramadan in the pocket
time spent on social media is a peak levels
fast track to faith: mobile apps

Ramadan in the Pocket

The increasing preference for mobile device usage during Ramadan underscores the importance of digital technology in facilitating connectivity and communication among Muslims, enabling them to remain connected to their faith regardless of their physical location. Specifically, mobile devices offer Muslims easy access to social media platforms, messaging apps, and online video sites, making it possible to maintain social and spiritual connections even during intense reflection and self-discipline time.

While mobile devices offer greater flexibility and convenience, traditional media (i.e., television, radio, and print media) provides an experience for families and communities to bond over shared values and traditions. Aiming to engage with Muslim consumers during Ramadan, brands should recognize the importance of a multi-channel and holistic approach that incorporates both traditional and digital media consumption behaviors.

Time Spent on Social Media is at Peak Levels during Ramadan

According to TGM Ramadan Global Survey 2023, learning new things is a top priority for 89% of Muslims when using the platform during Ramadan. As the month emphasizes self-improvement, social media provides sources of educational content, from religious teachings to self-help advice. The communal aspect of Ramadan also plays a role in social media usage when 87% of users connect with friends and family to send greetings, share Ramadan experiences (70%), and join online communities (68%).

Additionally, many individuals seek sources of entertaining and helpful content, including cooking tips, gift ideas, Ramadan crafts, or even, spiritual inspiration. 70% of Muslims agree that the prevalence of social media has also provided a convenient way for them to shop for attractive deals and promotions during Ramadan. These trends reflect the growing importance of mobile devices and digital communication in facilitating the observance of religious practices and everyday activities.

Fast Track to Faith: Muslims continues to Embrace Mobile Apps

With the convenience and the ability to provide instant access to religious content, it is no surprise that more and more Muslims are turning to Ramadan mobile apps. TGM Ramadan Global Survey 2023 reported that 66% of people in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa plan on using specialized Islamic apps and websites during Ramadan to help them navigate their spiritual journey.

Mobile apps provide a range of features right under one's fingertips, such as daily prayer reminders, Quran recitation, Islamic teachings, and supplications. Muslims can easily integrate spiritual practices into their daily lives and maintain a sense of community even when they cannot physically attend religious services. Apart from other platforms, mobile apps provide a sense of personalization and flexibility, allowing individuals to customize their spiritual practice according to their needs and preferences.

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