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Ramadan Mubarak

TGM Global Ramadan Insights 2023

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, TGM Research invites you to participate in the largest annual Ramadan consumer study for the third consecutive year.
TGM Global Ramadan Insights 2023

2023 Ramadan Worldwide Insights

How Ramadan celebrated in the world?

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic Lunar calendar and considered the most awaited and revered time of the year for the Global Muslim community. Its characterized by spiritual reflection, devotion, and generosity.

During Ramadan, one-fourth of the world's population undergoes significant changes in lifestyle, includingfasting from dawn to dusk for an entire month, increased prayer and self-control, engaging in introspection, and charity. Nearly 2 billion people around the world do this in hopes of strengthening connection to the divine and absolving sins. While these shifts impact religious practices, they also have a direct and substantial impact on consumer behaviour.

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    There are 1.9 Billion Muslims worldwide

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    98% of them will celebrate Ramadan

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    94% claim that they will fast this year

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    15 countries on four continents studied

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    Country representative sample in each country surveyed

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    There are 1.9 Billion Muslims worldwide

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2023 Ramadan Rundown

When is Ramadan 2023?

Ramadan 2023 will start, depending on the moon sighting, in most of the countries on 22nd of March. Ten days before it did last year (April 2nd)

10 - 21st




Time for Ramadan preparations, grocery shopping and preparing to receive guest! It’s a moment to make home festive now and enjoy the pre-celebration.

Beginning of Ramadan. Time for self-reflection and spiritual celebration.

The atmosphere of the place transforms from solemnity to joy, as preparations for celebration of Eid commerces and the month of Ramadan draws to an end.

The end of the fast has come, historically being a time for gift-giving and travel, with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

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Read the full report from the TGM 2023 Ramadan Global Survey

TGM Global Ramadan Report 2023

Interactive report of the TGM Global Ramadan Survey 2023.
Find it Interesting? Download the TGM International Ramadan Consumers Insights Report for free now.
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Selected insights from the survey

How will Ramadan 2023 be different from last year?

Key highlights from the TGM Ramadan 2023 Global Survey

How is Ramadan going to look like this year?

Muslims worldwide observe Ramadan as a momentous occasion, with an impressive 97% of the Muslim population expected to partake in this year's festivities. The holy month holds tremendous significance for followers of Islam and is a time for prayer, fasting, and reflection. Moreover, this is the most awaited season of the year for 96% of respondents worldwide, which they like primarily because of the opportunity to spend time with the family (92%).

62% of respondents plan to spend time gathering with loved ones and waking up early for the pre-dawn meal (suhoor). Besides, over 30% of people plan to engage in other cherished traditions like shopping and watching Ramadan TV shows.

Overall, Ramadan activities hold the same significance level for Muslims of all age ranges. In keeping with the principles of Islam and the holy month's spirit, charitable giving and worship remain the main priorities among Muslim communities worldwide (70%).

After isolation, this much-needed break is a welcome opportunity to share in the holy month's warmth, generosity, and cherished traditions. With only 27% of Muslims feeling the threat of COVID-19, this Ramadan is set to return to the familiar, a time of togetherness and a celebration of the community's resilience.

Besides spiritual reflection, worship, and acts of charity, food and drinks also play a significant role in Ramadan during iftar and suhoor meals. Being one of the busiest periods for consumer goods companies, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands considerably impacts consumers' minds across all regions during Ramadan. Among the most famous FMCG brands, Coca-Cola ranked first, followed by Marjan (syrup), Vimto (soft drinks), Almarai (dairy and bakery products), and Nestle. These brands are ubiquitous during Ramadan and hold a special place in people's hearts, creating a sense of unity and togetherness among families and communities.

Food behaviours & habits during Ramadan

Ramadan is a significant event for Muslims, and fasting is an essential aspect of this celebration. Over 98% of Muslims participate in the fast, making it the most prominent religious season that unites Muslim communities in spiritual and compassionate practices. Daily gatherings, communal prayers, charitable events, and Iftar or Suhoor outings are all integral to the month of Ramadan, and it's a time of year that Muslims eagerly anticipate.

Increased Budget for Food Expenses
Food shopping is an integral part of this season, as consumers purchase gourmet dishes and imported foods to enhance the social aspect of eating during Iftar. This year, there will be a significant rise in spending on food, with 51% of people surveyed claiming they will spend more on food and drinks, which could be attributed to the increase in consumer prices.

Ramadan embraces convenience
Although cooking at home remains the prevalent method of food consumption during the month, accounting for 88% of meals consumed, ordering food through mobile apps has become the go-to method (36%), followed closely by online orders (27%). As more and more families shift from traditional meals to prepared ones, those who do not have time to cook can still partake in the celebratory feasts of Ramadan.

In 2023, Mobile Devices Continue to Be Muslims' Best Friend During Ramadan

The shift towards digital platforms and mobile devices during Ramadan reflects Muslims' changing media consumption habits worldwide. With the rise of smartphones and social media, people are increasingly turning to digital channels for daily news, entertainment, and spiritual guidance.

81% of respondents choose to spend more time using mobile devices during Ramadan, making it the dominant media form, surpassing all others, followed by social media (74%). On the other hand, only 39% of participants said they would spend time on the radio during the observance.

The use of social media during Ramadan is particularly noteworthy, as it reflects a desire among Muslims to stay connected with friends and family during this critical time of year. Social media also provides a platform for people to learn about their faith, share their experiences, and seek guidance from religious leaders and scholars. Staying connected through social media is a top priority for Muslims, with 87% using it to send greetings. Meanwhile, 89% use it to learn new things, and 70% use it to find attractive promotions and deals for shopping.

With the widespread use of technology, many Muslims have turned to mobile apps to stay connected with their faith and enhance their spiritual practices. Our survey found that Quran apps (11.1%) are the most popular among all regions, followed by Muslim Pro (8.0%).

How is Ramadan shopping going to look like this year?

Ramadan is a highly anticipated period of the year for shoppers in the Muslim world as they look forward to indulging in retail therapy. Retailers cater to this trend by offering special promotions and extended store hours to meet increased demand. During this season, consumers are more open-minded and receptive to trying new products or supporting local businesses that align with their values. It is evident as 78% of respondents expressed interest in exploring new brands during their Ramadan shopping spree.

Hunting for the best deals
Despite the openness to novelty, the most significant factors that influence their purchasing decisions continue to be price and discounts. TGM 2023 Ramadan Survey has shown that an overwhelming majority (95%) of shoppers prioritize affordability during this period, with discounts also playing a crucial role in influencing their buying behavior (93%).

The gift that keeps on giving
Buying gifts for loved ones is always a joyful part of Ramadan. Overall, this year’s gifting budget will increase compared to last year’s for all regions, particularly in the Middle East, at 46%. Mobile is the most convenient tool shoppers use to discover new ideas/inspiration for Ramadan purchases (73%). With the rise of e-commerce and the proliferation of mobile apps, it is becoming increasingly evident that mobile devices are changing how people shop and seek information about products and services. This trend is likely to continue in the years to come as more and more consumers embrace the convenience and accessibility of mobile technology.

Shopping Online vs. Offline
Ramadan is a social time spent with loved ones, and in-store shopping allows people to enjoy the experience together. Additionally, many prioritize charitable acts and community support by choosing local markets and small businesses over high-end malls and supermarkets. 33% of respondents plan to do most of their Ramadan shopping in physical stores with some online shopping.

The 2023 Ramadan budget will be more prominent - with some financed by loans.
During Ramadan, more than half of Muslim respondents will likely increase spending, increasing demand for personal loans from banks and financial institutions. Almost one-fifth of all Muslims plan to seek loan options to support their expenses during this period. The Middle East has the highest incidence of consumers seeking loan options at 25%, followed by Asia at 23%. These findings demonstrate Ramadan's significant impact on consumer behavior and emphasize the importance of financial services in supporting Muslims during this time.
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Ramadan Consumers Research by Country

Reach global, think local – with our market research services and online panels, it is extremely possible.
Find your local country insights below!

TGM Ramadan Market research Survey 2023 | Insights in Africa

TGM Ramadan Market research Survey 2023 | Insights in Africa

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TGM Ramadan Market research Survey 2023 | Insights in Asia Pacific

TGM Ramadan Market research Survey 2023 | Insights in Middle East

TGM Ramadan Market research Survey 2023 | Insights in Middle East

What you will get
from the TGM Global Ramadan Report 2023?

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Comprehensive data on consumer trends and preferences during Ramadan across different regions, allowing a better understanding of consumer needs.

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Insights into consumer behavior which can help businesses develop more effective marketing strategies

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Results of worldwide independent survey of over 1 billion consumers in 14 countries, providing a broad and representative sample.

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Extensive data appendices to support the research’s findings and insights, dwelling deeper in the results. The Ramadan report with detailed information can be downloaded.

Want to find more Ramadan insights?

Get full detailed report from the world's biggest Ramadan survey

The survey was carried out between the 03rd and 18th of February,2023, using the method of online interviews in 14 countries on a representative sample of 18-55.

The sample is representative of the adult Muslim population of the given country in terms of gender and age.

Age groupings by 18-24 (19.39%), 25-29 (22.59%) 30-39 (27.33%), 40-55 (30.68%).

Country sample size: Algeria N=789, Bangladesh N=562, Egypt N=791, Indonesia N=818, Jordan N=569, Malaysia N=786, Morocco N=780, Pakistan N=743, Saudi Arabia N=771, Tunisia N=522, Turkey N=771, United Arab Emirates N=749, India N=751, Nigeria N=573.

Results were weighted to take country population structure aged between 18-55 into account.

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