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Nearly 99% of Asian respondents will celebrate Muslim this year, according to TGM Research

There are 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide and 97% of them will celebrate Ramadan.

This year's celebration of Ramadan is characterized by a profound sense of positivity and optimism, as Muslims worldwide congregate to honor this pivotal period. The essence of Ramadan is centered on charitable acts, self-discipline, and spiritual reflection, presenting an avenue for individuals to enhance themselves and their surroundings. Despite the potential hurdles that may emerge during this month-long period, Muslims exhibit unwavering buoyancy, and the bond of unity and camaraderie is a source of immense solace and elation.
Ramadan a month of renewal and rejoincing
Ramadan the spiritual month
Ramadan the long-awaited return to normalcy

A Month of Renewal and Rejoicing

To Muslims across the globe, Ramadan is not merely a temporal interval, but rather a transformative episode of a lifetime. It presents an opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation, wherein acts of devotion nurture the soul, and sentiments of benevolence and thankfulness overflow from the heart. This holy month holds a significant place in the hearts of Muslims, with a remarkable 96% eagerly anticipating its arrival. Indeed, Ramadan is the pinnacle of the year, imbued with boundless contentment and gratification.

According to TGM Global Ramadan Survey 2023, 92% of Muslims “like Ramadan because they can spend time with their family”. Beyond the traditional acts of fasting and worship, Ramadan also provides an opportunity for families to come together and strengthen bonds between themselves, as well as with Allah. Family meals, shared traditions, and acts of charity often bring families closer, creating a sense of unity and love that lasts beyond the holy month.

The Spiritual Month

As the sacred month of Ramadan approaches, a tangible sense of eagerness pervades the Muslim community. With the relaxation of COVID-19 measures, an astounding 97% of Muslims are poised to bask in the complete splendor of the festivities. A staggering 70% of them intend to augment their spiritual pursuits, particularly in Asia (73%) and Africa (71%) and in the older age group of 40-45 years old are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to partake in collective worship and share in the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood.

In the time of spiritual renewal and self-reflection, giving to charity and helping those in need are considered virtuous acts in Islam. Muslims are encouraged to be generous and compassionate, especially towards the less fortunate members of society during the holy month. The practice of giving to charity not only benefits the recipients but also helps the giver attain greater spiritual fulfillment and purify their soul. 70% of survey respondents plan to give to charity during Ramadan this year, notably in Africa at 75%.

The Long-Awaited Return to Normalcy

This year's Ramadan festivities hold tremendous promise for Muslims worldwide, as the pandemic no longer poses a significant impediment. With the ease of restrictions, a remarkable 64% of Muslims plan to undertake journeys to their homelands to be in the company of their loved ones. According to TGM Global Ramadan Survey 2023, eating with family members at home (96%), cooking at home for friends/family members (88%), and visiting friends and family in the area (86%) top the list of activities that Muslims are eagerly anticipating during the holy month this year.

Following a period of isolation, this much-awaited respite presents a welcome opportunity to partake in the heartwarming traditions, boundless generosity, and sense of community that characterizes Ramadan. With only 27% of Muslims apprehensive about the COVID-19 threat, this year's Ramadan heralds a return to the familiar, where togetherness and the resilience of the community are celebrated with great fervor.

Ramadan 2023 is coming!

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