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Unlocking the Investor's Mind: A Deep Dive into Stock Investment App Usage in Indonesia

A stock trading platform employed online surveys to analyze perceptions and utilization of stock investment apps in Indonesia.


Project background:

Amidst the backdrop of a digital finance revolution sweeping across Indonesia, the nation is experiencing a meteoric rise in the nascent retail investing segment. This burgeoning trend has been catalyzed by the proliferation of user-friendly investment apps that offer remarkably low minimum investment requirements, making the world of investing more accessible to a wider swath of the population.  

Notably, Indonesia's ascent to prominence in the field of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) has further stoked the fires of investment, as the country harnesses its abundant reserves of battery metals and embraces the promising green energy sector. This dynamic shift in investor perception and economic potential has positioned Indonesia as a global contender, overshadowing traditional hot destinations like Hong Kong and Japan, and earning itself the prestigious title of one of the world's most sizzling IPO markets in the year 2023.  In this landscape, one of our Clients seeks to delve deep into the perceptions and utilization patterns surrounding stock investment applications in Indonesia. This endeavor aims to unearth the nuanced preferences and behaviors of a populace rapidly embracing the digital financial frontier. 
Key data facts about Indonesia


  • Internet Penetration:
    While Indonesia has witnessed significant growth in internet penetration, especially with the proliferation of smartphones, there are still remote and underserved areas with limited internet access. This digital divide can skew research findings and make it challenging to obtain a representative sample of the population.
  • Financial Literacy:
    Financial literacy levels in Indonesia vary widely across different segments of the population. Many potential investors may lack a comprehensive understanding of financial markets, investment products, and risk management. This can impact the quality of responses in surveys and interviews, making it crucial to design research instruments that accommodate varying levels of financial knowledge.


  • Market studied: Indonesia 
  • Sample: N=100
  • Targeted Audience: General Population
  • Study type:
  • Services provided:
    Localisation |  translation
    Data collection
    Data cleaning & processing


Through this project, our Client has achieved a comprehensive understanding of the perceptions and usage patterns surrounding stock investment apps in the nation. Our research has not only pinpointed the critical challenges and opportunities within this burgeoning sector but has also paved the way for data-driven strategies. Armed with these findings, our client and industry players are well-equipped necessary to harness the vast potential that lies ahead. 

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