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TGM Consumer Sentiment Survey in Italy 2024

Understanding the pulse of consumer sentiment is now key to deciphering the evolving marketplace. Ready to confidently tap into the minds of Italian consumers?

TGM Consumer Sentiment Survey in Italy 2024

In the wake of global transformations, consumers are redefining their priorities. The ongoing global conflicts, geopolitical realignments, and the rapid pace of technological advancements have collectively given rise to an altered landscape. This seismic shift has not only reshaped consumer awareness but has also become the driving force behind unprecedented changes in behavior. Our independent survey dives into the heart of these changes, exploring how socio-economic shifts to geopolitical events are influencing the mindset and actions of consumers across Italy.

TGM Consumer Sentiment Survey in Italy 2024

The report is essential for understanding Italian consumer sentiments and behaviors amid economic uncertainties and global conflicts. You can download free report here

Primary Concerns of Consumers Today: Navigating the Winds of Change

In a society grappling with economic challenges, lifestyle adjustments become an undeniable reality. A noteworthy 46% of survey respondents acknowledge making recent modifications to their lifestyles within the past three months. Within this context, three paramount concerns have surfaced as potential drivers behind their behavioral shifts:

Rising Prices (37%): With inflationary pressures still looming, consumers are keenly observing the cost of living and its impact on their budgets.

Wars in the World (29%): Heightened geopolitical tensions and conflicts around the world are contributing to consumer unease, affecting their confidence in economic stability and future prospects.

TGM Consumer Sentiment in Italy 2024 report highlights a prevailing sense of pessimism among Italians when assessing the political and economic ramifications associated with ongoing conflicts.

Job Security/ Unemployment (16%): Concerns regarding job stability and unemployment rates are weighing heavily on consumers' minds, influencing their spending habits and overall financial decisions.

Primary Concerns of Consumers Today: Navigating the Winds of Change

Consumer Response: Adapting Strategies for the Future

Consumer Response: Adapting Strategies for the Future

As the global landscape undergoes dynamic shifts in socio-economic paradigms this year, the ripple effect on consumer behavior within Italy is poised to persist. Our report highlights:

Reducing Future Purchases (56%): More than half of respondents plan to curtail their future purchases on personal items, particularly in the Jewelry/ Accessories category.

Adopting E-Commerce (49% aged 18-44): A significant chunk of consumers plan to switch from brick-and-mortar store to online when buying groceries and essentials, indicating a growing trend towards digitalization in consumer purchasing habits.

Experimenting With Apps (36% aged 45-59): A sizeable portion of respondents plan to try a new digital shopping method such as ordering groceries on an app over the next three months, reflecting a shift towards embracing technology for convenience in shopping.

Embracing "Buy Now, Pay Later" (26%): A quarter of consumers plan to leverage "buy now, pay later" services, showcasing a shift towards more adaptable payment options.


  • Market studied: Italy
  • Sample: N=1,014
  • Targeted Audience: General Population
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