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Learning the Perspectives on Immigration in Brazil:
A Geo-Targeted Study

Navigating Complexities of Online Data Collection in a Politically Sensitive Geography.


A Geo-Targeted Study: Perspectives on Immigration in Brazil

Project background:

Immigration is a complex and multi-faceted issue that has been a significant topic of discussion in Brazil in recent years. The country has seen an influx of immigrants from various nations, with many coming from neighboring countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, and Haiti. These immigrants are driven by a variety of reasons, including political and economic instability, violence, and lack of opportunities in their home countries.

The objective of this project was to gain a deeper understanding into the public’s perspectives and opinions on immigration while also trying to understand the reasoning and factors that led to their response.


Obtaining the necessary sample size in the city of Boa Vista posed a significant challenge in terms of respondent accessibility. One major obstacle was the low internet penetration in the area, which made it challenging to conduct narrowly targeted online surveys or reach potential participants through digital means. However, through persistent efforts, we were able to successfully reach our target sample size.

Furthermore, the topic under study was politically complex and required a nuanced approach and consideration of all the intricate factors at play. The research team had to be mindful of the sensitive nature of the topic and take additional steps to ensure the safety and confidentiality of participants.


  • Market Studied: Brazil
  • Sample: N=150
  • Targeted Audience: People above 18 years of age residing in Boa Vista and the surrounding regions (Northern Brazil)
  • Quotas: Hard quotas for age and gender
  • Method: Polling/Opinion survey
TGM case study map - Brazil


TGM successfully completed the project through extensive knowledge in online market research and experience with navigating around digital targeting methods. The survey results provided insight into public opinion on migration in Boa Vista and the northern regions of Brazil. The project captured the feelings and perceptions of the targeted group towards the refugees with a specific focus on attitudes and opinions on the challenging situation faced by the involved parties.

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