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TGM Valentine's Day Insights

Unlock the hearts of consumers this Valentine's Day with insights from our 2023 survey. Ready to confidently navigate the evolving marketplace and explore the desires of French and British romantics?

TGM Valentine's Day Survey in France and the UK 2023

As Valentine's Day draws near, couples around the world are embarking on the journey of planning heartfelt gestures for their beloveds. In anticipation of this cherished occasion, our survey meticulously delves into the attitudes and behaviors of French and British romantics, offering a comprehensive analysis of their preparations for the upcoming Valentine's Day festivities.

This report is designed to provide profound insights into the preferences and tendencies of individuals from these culturally rich nations. We explore not only the types of gifts they intend to exchange but also the intricacies of their shopping journeys: from the selection of stores to the products they prioritize and the motivations driving their choices.

Through this in-depth exploration, we aim to illuminate the nuances of Valentine's Day culture in France and the United Kingdom, offering invaluable insights for businesses and marketers seeking to cater to the desires and expectations of these discerning consumers. Join us as we unravel the complexities of romance and consumerism, shedding light on the rituals and sentiments that shape this beloved holiday for millions worldwide.

TGM Valentine's Day Survey in France and the UK 2023

A report worth reading, offering valuable insights into the attitudes and behaviors of French and British romantics as they plan for the Valentine's Day celebration.

Where will you shop for your Valentine’s Day gifts?

Mostly in stores, some online (32%): The majority of French romantics are inclined to seek their Valentine’s Day gifts mostly in stores, some online. For many, the allure of shopping in stores lies in the opportunity for an immersive, sensory experience when selecting romantic gifts for their loved ones. This tactile engagement has the power to evoke emotions and sentiments that add to the sentimental value of the chosen gift, enriching the romantic gesture.

Equally in stores and online (29%): Conversely, the majority of British romantics appreciate both in-store and online shopping options for Valentine’s Day due to the convenience and flexibility they offer. While shopping physical stores allows individuals to engage in a tactile and immersive experience, offering the opportunity to see, touch, and feel potential gifts, online shopping provides convenience and accessibility. his convenience is particularly valuable during busy periods such as Valentine’s Day when time may be limited. Moreover, online shopping offers access to an extensive array of products and retailers, broadening the range of gift options beyond what may be available in local stores.

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What kinds of gifts will you shop for Valentine’s Day?

Perfume (48%): A majority of French romantics plan to procure perfume as their Valentine’s Day gift of choice for their loved ones. Perfume is regarded as a thoughtful and romantic gift, allowing the recipient to indulge in a luxurious sensory experience long after Valentine’s Day has passed.

Chocolate (56%): The majority of British romantics are sweet tooths, choosing chocolate as their preffered Valentine’s Day gift. For many, the appeal lies in gifts that provide instant gratification, offering immediate pleasure and enjoyment upon consumption.

What type of retailer will you shop for your Valentine’s Day gifts?

Department stores (45%): The majority of French romantics will opt to shop at department stores for their Valentine’s Day gifts, drawn to the comprehensive range of products and services offered. With a wide selection catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and budgets, department stores allow shoppers to fulfill multiple needs and preferences in a single shopping trip, thereby saving time and effort.

Online marketplaces (38%): Conversely, the majority of British romantics will turn to online marketplaces for their Valentine’s Day shopping needs. Online marketplaces provide a platform where shoppers can peruse and purchase a vast array of products from the comfort of their own homes, at any time of day or night. Additionally, they offer unparalleled accessibility to a global marketplace, enabling shoppers to purchase from both local and international sellers.

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  • Market studied: France and the United Kingdom
  • Sample: France N = 795, UK N = 1049
  • Targeted Audience: General population
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