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Researching brand recognition for apparel in the Balkans

A brand awareness study for shoes and bag retailers in four Balkan states.

Researching brand recognition for apparel in the Balkans

Project background:

After a Covid-19 post-pandemic contraction, multiple countries have already entered the process of rebuilding their economy. In 2021 the Balkans declared a significant growth rebound with a GDP increase of 10,4% in Croatia, 8,1% in Slovenia, 7,4 % in Serbia, and 7,1% in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The recovery was driven by a rebound in consumption due to the fiscal stimuli and loosened coronavirus restrictions. The prosperous countries have already attracted multiple international investors. Upon request of our Client, TGM conducted an online study of brand awareness for shoes and bags retailers in the four Balkan states- Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


With a small population in countries, such as Slovenia (2,8 million) or Bosnia and Herzegovina (3,2 million), the study required a special approach to reach the targeted sample. TGM uses a variety of sourcing methods, hence was able to deliver data.
Researching brand recognition for apparel in the Balkans


  • Market Studied: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia
  • Sample: N=6800 (1700 per country) 
  • Target Audience: National representatives
  • Methodology: Brand tracking
TGM case study map - Balkans


Due to the brand tracking study, it was possible to recognize the brand awareness for shoes and bag retails in the market of four Balkan states. The study had a significant impact on the future decision-making process, marketing strategy, and overall development of the Client’s company.

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