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TGM Latin American Traveler Profiles: Strategic Insights for Businesses

In an era where adaptability is key, anticipating the needs and preferences of consumers is essential for businesses to thrive. TGM's guide reveals the multifaceted profiles of LATAM travelers, empowering you to enhance your offerings, marketing strategies, and services.

TGM LATAM Traveler Profiles

Amidst the surge of summer travelers, travel industry businesses in LATAM face a challenge: how to meet the varied preferences of different age groups while outpacing competitors? It's a complex puzzle requiring strategic insight and adaptability. This guide, based on the TGM Global Travel Report 2023 and tailored for the LATAM region, serves as your essential toolkit to navigate the evolving travel landscape. It equips you to seize opportunities and address challenges effectively, ensuring your readiness for the future's demands.

Key Benefits for Different Sectors

Hospitality and Accommodation: Gain insights to optimize guest experiences, tailor amenities, and enhance safety measures, catering to the preferences of each consumer segment.

Travel Agencies and Tour Operators: Customize tour packages, design itineraries, and marketing campaigns tailored to the unique preferences and priorities of diverse traveler demographics.

Transportation Services: Tailor services and loyalty programs to align with the preferences and loyalty patterns observed among different consumer profiles, maximizing customer retention and satisfaction.

Consumer Profiles in Focus

1. Young Adult (18-24): Young adult travelers represent a dynamic and influential market segment in the travel industry. Influenced by Instagram, they seek new, photogenic destinations that offer both affordability and engaging experiences. These travelers prioritize budget-friendly accommodations but also expect quality, comfort, and security. Cost-effective yet enriching, they prefer destinations that offer relaxation and a deep dive into local culture and history. In LATAM, they are especially attracted to beaches, leisure activities, and local cultural and gastronomic experiences, including lively festivals.

2. Mid Adult (25-34): Mid-adult travelers look for travel experiences that combine relaxation with discovery. They often research destinations through travel company websites and prefer to travel with their families in 3 or 4-star accommodations that ensure comfort and safety. These travelers prioritize engaging in local culture, staying within budget, and enjoying free time to relax. They are drawn to beach and leisure activities, shopping, and nature adventures like kayaking and trekking. When choosing airlines, they value comfort, affordability, and good service.

3. Prime Adult (35-44): Prime adult travelers favor trips that combine relaxation with discovery. They use travel websites to plan vacations, often with family, and look for budget-friendly yet comfortable places to stay. Their top priorities include immersing themselves in local culture and history, enjoying all-inclusive packages, and ensuring child-friendly environments. Their favorite activities are spending time on the beach, engaging in local cultural and gastronomic pursuits, and shopping. When choosing airlines, they value affordability, comfort, and good service.

4. Mature Adult (45-54): Mature adult travelers seek out relaxing and enriching experiences, typically exploring new destinations through travel websites. They often travel with family and opt for deluxe 3 or 4-star accommodations that prioritize quality, comfort, and security. Their travel priorities are steeped in experiencing local culture and history, enjoying all-inclusive packages, and having ample time to unwind. They enjoy beach and leisure pursuits, exploring local cultures and cuisines, and indulging in shopping. When selecting airlines, they look for good service, affordability, and attractive deals.

5. Senior Adult (55-64): Senior adult travelers prioritize comfort and value as they explore new destinations, often using travel websites to plan their trips. Preferring to travel with family, they choose budget-friendly accommodations that do not compromise on quality or security. Their travel preferences lean towards relaxation and discovery, with a keen interest in beach and leisure activities, cultural and gastronomic explorations, and shopping. When it comes to flying, they value airlines that offer reliable service, affordability, and punctuality.

By tailoring offerings and experiences to cater to each demographic segment, businesses can forge meaningful connections and unlock new avenues for growth and innovation. Navigate tomorrow's journey with us today with TGM Global Travel Report 2023 !
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