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The New Landscape of Travel Focused on Family, Digital, and Budget

Explore how family priorities, digital tools, and budget considerations are shaping a new era of travel, transforming expectations, and creating opportunities for tailored travel experiences.

The New Landscape of Travel Focused on Family, Digital, and Budget

Emerging trends and preferences in the travel industry are reshaping how travel agencies and insurers tailor their offerings. This comprehensive analysis delves into crucial aspects such as consumer behavior, destination popularity, and emerging travel styles. Such insights are vital for stakeholders to refine their products and strategies, ensuring they align with the specific needs and desires of travelers to enhance satisfaction and adaptability in a dynamic market. These findings come from the TGM Global Travel Report 2023, which is based on a survey of over 8,100 travelers, providing a solid foundation for understanding industry shifts.

Key Findings:

1. Travelers Prioritize Family Getaways

Family-oriented vacations continue to lead preferences in global travel, with 56% of travelers choosing to explore with their families over friends, partners, or solo. The emphasis on family trips strongly correlates with the growing interest in relaxation and discovery trips, which are the most favored travel styles globally, particularly among senior travelers aged 55-64, 91% of whom prefer these types of vacations.

Travel agencies can improve their packages by making them family-friendly, addressing the needs of both young and older members. Furthermore, offering insurance policies that cover the specific needs of families, such as multi-person coverage and activities suitable for children and elderly members, can provide added value and peace of mind for family travelers.

2. Travelers Rely on Digital for Planning

Websites of travel companies are the preferred source for discovering new destinations, favored by 40% of travelers globally. This trend is particularly strong among senior adult travelers aged 55 to 64, who utilize these digital platforms extensively. In Europe, countries such as England, Belgium, and Germany show higher usage rates, with percentages ranging from 50% to 60%.

Travel agencies can capitalize on this trend by enhancing their digital platforms to promote leisure and discovery trips ideal for family travel. By developing engaging content that highlights destinations ideal for multigenerational travel, such as places combining relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences, agencies can attract this significant demographic.

3. Travelers Favor Beach and Cultural Trips

Beach and leisure activities top the list for 56% of global travelers, with 67% in LATAM particularly enjoying these pursuits. Cultural and gastronomic experiences attract 43%, notably in the EU where 51% engage in these activities. Shopping is another key interest, favored by 41% of travelers, especially among women, who account for 46% of this group.

Travel agencies can create compelling travel packages that combine these favorite activities. By offering itineraries that blend sun-soaked beach days with immersive cultural and food tours, and opportunities for local shopping experiences.

4. Travelers Value Affordability and Comfort

Travelers planning international trips place the highest priority on cost and affordability, the opportunity to relax, and the chance to experience local culture and history. These three factors are consistently important across all demographics, emphasizing the universal appeal of cost-effective, culturally rich, and relaxing vacations. Additionally, travelers emphasize quality and comfort, security, and competitive pricing as their most crucial needs while traveling.

Travel agencies can enhance their market appeal by developing affordable, comprehensive packages that ensure comfort, offer cultural immersion, and provide relaxation opportunities. Insurers specifically should focus on competitively priced policies that guarantee safety and comfort, ensuring travelers feel secure and valued.

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