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74% of Muslims to Celebrate Ramadan this Year as Usual and Will Spend More, Says International Survey by TGM Research

74% of Muslims to Celebrate Ramadan this Year as Usual and Will Spend More

Dubai, UAE, 30th March, 2022

TGM Research, a reputed data and insights company, has just concluded the world’s largest Ramadan consumer survey. As per the findings of this survey, 74% of Muslims will observe Ramadan as usual this year, after hiatus of two years because of the pandemic.

A festival of reflection and introspection, Ramadan is observed by almost two billion people around the world. Daily fasting, connecting with family and friends, shopping, and gifting are significant parts of Ramadan. To better understand the consumer behaviors for this festivity, TGM Research has just revealed the findings of its Ramadan International Survey 2022. The survey indicates 74% of Muslims will be back to celebrating Ramadan just like they did prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and are likely to spend more compared to the last two years.

The just concluded study by TGM Research is the world’s largest Ramadan consumer survey with a total sample size of 9878 spread across 18 countries around the world. The survey was carried out using the method of online interviews. The analysis was focused on the markets where Ramadan is celebrated by most of the population. With detailed insights from consumers across the Muslim universe, this survey can be extremely useful for companies and marketers looking connect with consumers during this time.

The report suggests that for the last two years, Ramadan celebrations have been rather lackluster for millions of Muslims because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this year, it will be almost back to normal. A vast majority of Muslims around the world will be celebrating Ramadan this year. Most importantly, with Covid related restrictions easing in most countries, this year’s Ramadan will be more about travelling, celebrating, and spending time together.

Summarized below are some key insights from TGM Research Ramadan International Survey 2022:

  • Ramadan is widely celebrated globally - by over 1.9 Muslims worldwide, 94% of them will celebrate during this year's Ramadan. The vast majority of Muslims (96%) await Ramadan passionately to cleanse themselves through worship and to spend time with loved ones.
  • Compared to 69% in 2021, only 26% of Muslims had their Ramadan celebrations impacted this year due to Covid-19.
  • 94% of Muslims will fast this year during Ramadan.
  • 3 out of 4 Muslims will increase their worship during Ramadan, focusing on self-reflection.
  • Approximately 50% of Muslims will travel to their hometown to celebrate Ramadan with family.
  • Compared to last year, 45% of Muslims will spend more this year on Ramadan, with food and gifts accounting for most of the expenditure.
  • Most of the festive shopping will take place just a week preceding Ramadan.
  • One out of five individuals will borrow money to finance their Ramadan related expenses.
  • The use of mobile devices will dominate media consumption for Muslims during Ramadan compared to the rest of the year with 74%.
  • Most Muslims will use their smartphone for self-teaching (87%), sending greetings (85%) and watching videos (77%).
  • 87% Muslims plan to donate for charity during this year’s Ramadan.
"The pandemic has changed a lot, but it seems that the normalcy is finally on the horizon. During this festive Ramadan season, we gain the opportunity to re-connect, reflect and reconsider our priorities globally. We commissioned again our TGM Ramadan International Survey 2022 to help get better understanding of how Muslim consumers worldwide tackle this new reality and what is their outlook for next season to come,"
said Greg Laski, the CEO of TGM Research.

Ramadan 2023 is coming!

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The entire survey report released by TGM Research is now available at:

For more information, visit Ramadan 2022 Global Survey - project page or follow TGM LinkedIn .

About the Ramadan 2022 International Survey:

The survey was carried out between February 25 and 6th of March 2022 using the method of online interviews in 18 countries on a representative sample of 18-45. The sample is representative of the adult Muslim population of the given country in terms of gender and age.

Countries studied (Algeria N=640, Egypt N=883, Morocco N=675, Nigeria N=354, Tunisia N=356, Bangladesh N=521, Malaysia N=702, India N=539, Indonesia N=857, Pakistan N=804, Uzbekistan N=240, Albania N=145, Turkey N=959, Iraq N=392, Jordan N=667, Lebanon N=339, Saudi Arabia N=862, UAE N=611)

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