Social Listening

Social Listening

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Social listening is a market research technique that uses online public conversations to gauge public sentiment. You can get a general sentiment about the product/brand, test impact of a promotional campaign and also deep dive to find customer segments with different needs among other things.

In this era of social media, big data and data science, we have very strong tools available to analyze social media data and derive insights. You don't need to collect data yourself, thus making it way cheaper. Besides, you sometimes unearth insights that surveys are not able to capture.

Why work with TGM Research on social listening?



Truly full-service and global offering taking care of smaller needs such as social listening as well

Experienced team

In-house team of experienced data scientists, with a strong industry network to meet all your needs

Mobile network

Has a 30K+ global mobile network of publishers and panel partners to ensure you can reach the niche you want for your panel.

Better monetization

Better monetization opportunities by tying up with one provider due to a large global network of research agencies recruiting through TGM Ads

Still hesitating to embrace mobile research?

Trying is the best proof of concept.

For all new Clients, TGM Research offer a free trial online and mobile survey
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We are living in the digital world with new opportunities for the market research. Join the mobile journey. TGM Research specializes in mobile market research and online panels.

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