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TGM Global Football World Cup Survey 2022 Results

Leading international survey expert reveals attitude towards participation, best players, and teams to the final in the Qatar 2022 World Cup competition.

TGM Global Football World Cup Survey 2022 Results

Singapore, 06th November, 2022 – In preparation for the Qatar 2022 World Cup tournament, which is to take place from November 20th to December 18th, 2022, TGM Research releases the results of data collected from 28,800+ football lovers within 45 countries around the globe. This is the largest independent international survey on the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™. It details football fans' preparation and attitude towards the games, the world's best player, the best teams to the final, the best brands associated with the awaited competition, and much more.

This result exposes readers to each region and country's opinion on the World Cup competition. Each country gave the competition's best player, teams to the final, best brands, and other interesting stories. Finally, results from the countries were collated to give the total result.

According to Greg Laski, Founder and CEO of TGM Research, "Football's extraordinary reach into different countries and cultures around the world makes it unequalled compared to other sports in terms of engagement, value to media and sponsors. Our survey of 45 major markets shows that football garners powerful interest in more than 70% of the population."

"This survey reveals how excited football fans across the globe are ready for the tournament. It also delivers how consumers' watching behaviours for better brands' approaches. With these amazing survey results, you unlock 28,800+ interviewees' opinions on the tournament's best players, the best team to the final, and other exciting features."

Different countries were selected from European Union (EU), Asia-Pacific (APAC), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), South Africa, North America, and Latin America (LATAM) regions. Survey results detail:

  • Football interest: There are billions of football lovers around the globe, and out of the 28,800+ interviewees, about 70% were interested in football. Africa and MENA have the highest number of football fans (80%), followed by Latin America at 72%.
  • Football fans ages: Up to 70% of football lovers are between the ages of 18 and 44. This survey shows that nearly two third of females (60%) interviewed in the selected 45 countries have a lot of interests in football. The highest result was recorded among females aged 25-34, while the lowest was found in ages 55-64.
  • Participation in football competition: About 72% of football fans watch matches on TV, 51% follow on the Internet, and 20% attend live matches.
  • Interest in FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup™: About 67% of the participants are interested in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. African football fans are the highest (78%), followed by Latin America (77%) and MENA (77%). Other regions, such as European Union, also show significant interest in the tournament.
  • Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™ world's best football player: Interviewees considered Cristiano Ronaldo as the tournament's world's best football player who will perform excellently in the competition.
  • Interest of Female in World Cup: The World Cup is an exciting competition not only for male supporters, but also for female fans. For the Latin America, Africa and MENA areas, the percentages of football fans out of their female populations are 69%, 68%, and 66% respectively.
  • How to watch Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™: A majority of people (83%) interested in the World Cup tournament will watch the games on TV, a slight decrease in the number (51%) of those who will watch every game they can. A higher number (68%) of Qatar interviewees will watch it live, followed by Saudi Arabia (27%) and UAE (24%).
  • Teams to reach the final: Most of the interviewees interested in the Qatar World Cup 2022 voted Brazil and Argentina as the most likely teams to reach the final, and one of the two will claim the trophy.
  • Brands association: Interviewees were also asked which brands will gain more awareness and association with the competition, and a majority of the participant went for Adidas. Other brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Qatar Airways, Visa, Pepsi, FIFA, Puma, Emirates and Heineken were also voted.
  • Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™ controversies: About 75% of the MENA participants responded that choosing Qatar as the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is a right decision for the tournament, followed by 66% of Asia-Pacific and 63% of Africa.
The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™ is a long-awaited tournament around the globe. This edition is even more special as it is the first one to take place in the Arab region during the winter period. With that being said, football players, teams, and brands will gain global awareness through this interesting medium. This TGM Research survey’s results will shed more light on people's interest and attitude towards this amazing tournament.

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