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Water Wise: Shaping Sustainable Cities

Amid environmental challenges, how can New Zealand create sustainable cities? Explore innovative research advancing water literacy and sustainable solutions nationwide.

Water Wise: Shaping Sustainable Cities

TGM Research is committed to fostering innovation and sustainability in environmental management practices. We are proud to support the research endeavors of Angelina da Silva Coelho, a diligent PhD student from the University of Waikato's School of Social Sciences. Angelina is dedicated to examining the level of community literacy and the effectiveness of stormwater management strategies under the Water Sensitive Cities (WSC) paradigm in New Zealand.

Our partnership with Angelina focuses on enhancing understanding around crucial water management issues, particularly responding to the urgent water quality challenges faced by the country. The core of her research involves a meticulous examination of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) literacy across New Zealand. By establishing a baseline understanding of WSUD literacy, Angelina aims to shed light on the current awareness and implementation of these crucial urban design principles.

The findings from Angelina’s studies are not just academic; they are intended to spark discussions with leading experts in water management, policy-making, and urban design. Through these conversations, Angelina seeks to identify practical policy opportunities that could facilitate the broader adoption and implementation of WSUD practices throughout New Zealand.

Our support for Angelina’s project includes funding for extensive data collection efforts. These are crucial for gaining a deep understanding of how communities perceive and interact with WSUD approaches. This initiative is a testament to TGM’s dedication to advancing knowledge in nature-based stormwater management, and to enhancing the policy and practical understanding of WSUD technologies in New Zealand. Through our ongoing collaboration, we aim to contribute significantly to the development of sustainable solutions that will not only improve water quality but also promote the development of water-sensitive communities across New Zealand.

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