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Retail 2023: The Winning Formula For Festive Season

As a leading and powerful corporation in South Korea, what is Lotte Mart's strategy in this festive season?

Retail 2023: The Winning Formula For Festive Season

The year-end holiday season offers businesses a significant opportunity for growth and increased revenue. The retail industry, in all its diverse forms, stands as a prime beneficiary of the holiday season.

TGM has been fortunate to sit down with Mr. Yun Chang Kuk, Leader of Finance Division at Lotte Mart, one of South Korea's foremost corporations, to gain insights into their preparations and strategies for this year's biggest shopping festival.

Curious about how a powerhouse like Lotte Mart plans to seize opportunities, skyrocket sales and win over the hearts of consumers? Dive into this exclusive interview NOW to discover the winning formula that sets them apart!

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