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Online Qualitative Research


Business context & TGM Solution

If you don't know where to start in your research, you probably need qualitative research. Qualitative research interprets and describes social phenomena from the perspective of the internal experiences of particular people. It is about the experiences of individuals and groups, the interactions they enter and the communication that takes place. Tools for qualitative research makes it possible to reach often undisclosed and subconscious motives of behaviour.
  • Qualitative research is worth doing whenever the need to explore someone's motivations, habits and the capturing of certain behaviours arises. If you are not yet familiar with the research topic enough to be able to formulate a quantitative questionnaire, you need a qualitative research exploration. If you already have quantitative results, but you want to understand the respondents' motivations to present comprehensive data - it is also worth using qualitative research.  

  • Our activities are mainly online, where we use different research methods and tools of qualitative research. The offer we make consists of online focus groups (FGIs), where four to six people have group discussions and do some exercises according to the research scenario. Apart from focus groups, we can also do online individual in-depth interviews (IDIs) worldwide, using MS Teams, Zoom, other MS tools and Mural to extract the most powerful insights. In any case, we broadcast the online focus groups and online IDIs, and you can watch them in real-time. Additionally, we provide a simultaneous translation service for multi-country online focus groups and online IDI so that you are fully aware of how the discussion between the participants is unfolding. 

    We also manage online communities, which are studies that take a few days. Online Communities are a great qualitative research tool that provides an opportunity to give „real-life” and "real-time" tasks to our respondents and see how your category and your product lives. Heat maps, video scoring, quick polls, chats and other features are only part of what we can do together. 

  • Our operations are mainly global, so we are ready to coordinate the same online research in several countries at once. We will be glad to:  

    1. Recruit the participants 
    2. Conduct the interviews (unless you wishto do it by yourself)  
    3. Provide transcripts with their translations as well as video recordings of qualitative research (FGIs, IDIs) online, along with their translation. 
    4. Make topline or full report with a broad view, taking your situation, which is observed by us in Brand tracking, into consideration. We develop qualitative data as part of expert reports, which include, for instance, sentiment of statements on specific topics. At the customer's request, we are can perform the systematic coding procedure.   


You can have access to custom data instantly from any device, in real-time, without additional development or costs, and you can also share it with your stakeholders. Automated Online Dashboard is a simple way to do preliminary work with data. Thanks to intuitive data visualization, you have everything in one place; it is easier to propose directions for further analyzes and draw preliminary conclusions for raw research data.

How does our real-time reporting dashboard solution work?


Whether you need to run a quick survey or a more complex multicountry project, with our business intelligence, you get access to a dashboard link configurated by our team, completely free of charge and part of our full-service research offer. You don’t have to be a tech expert or a data visualization guru. Our online dashboard is very intuitive, easy to navigate and can be accessed from any device.


The online dashboard that we build for you is a full self-service interface where you can look at all questions, answers and metrics, generate crosstabs, run analysis, create demographics and compare different segments or countries. You will have access to many customizable features to arrange the data, do the filtering that you need and refresh the data; all of this will be available 24/7 and at the same place.


That is not all; because we live in a digital world and we understand how fundamental it is to work with agility, you can share the link of your automated online dashboard to anyone from your team and collaborators, export in a different format to save time with PDF, PowerPoint, Word... and impress your stakeholders with actionable insights to present during last-minute meetings. No need to wait days or weeks to look at key performance indicators!

Start doing a project with TGM Research with the use of the Automated Online Dashboard to get access to your quick and easy data visualization tool.


Why work with TGM Research on Online Qualitative Research?

One provider for all countries

Collaboration with TGM Research provides dedicated access to participants in over 120 countries through one unique, standardized process and one point of contact. With this approach to market research, you gain flexibility and speed, reducing project management and the time spent interacting with each local office for research or field work. Having a centralized process also greatly reduces project site labor costs as you benefit from economies of scale and some activities are performed for all countries at once. Working with one supplier also enables obtaining comparable data results without differences in methodology. Thanks to this, you can easily work on data from different countries and compare them with each other.

High-quality respondents

TGM Research employs a wide range of technology-enabled quality control tools organized in three different levels, before the survey, during the survey and post survey. These quality controls are there to make sure that respondents are fully engaged with the research and answer questions as they should. The measures include advanced digital fingerprinting to ensure the lack of duplicate responses, trap and attention questions to identify careless respondents, check for suspicious behaviors or answers patterns. TGM complies with all the ESOMAR regulations, including a double opt-in process for panelists, and its regulations for data collection and related data privacy policy.  We know thagreat participants are the key to deliver high-quality focus groups, IDI or Online Community, and we are ready to recruit them for you.  

Team of experts

Our dedicated team will guide you through all steps of your qualitative and quantitative research and provide full consultancy and understanding of the local specificities while ensuring that the same methodology will apply. For the sampling plan, we aim to provide the exact same blend and sources for respondents across countries and waves so you can have comparable data for repeated measurement and historical trends. Our consultants will also support you with analytics to turn data from the market research into powerful insights for your business and product development.   

Daily online qualitative research

We conduct all online qualitative research that includes focus groups, IDI, communities (bulletin board discussions). We have tools and processes prepared for the recruitment, verification and remuneration of participants remotely. We know how to conduct research with them, as well as how to submit such work. We have experience in working with various tools as well as projects on various topics. We will help you design the research process and guide you through all its stages.

Knowledge of the local specificity in qualitative research

Since we operate globally, especially in the MENA and APAC countries, we know the specifics of many markets. Our experience allows us to create realistic assumptions for the entire research. Not only do we adapt each qualitative research to the local population, culture, religion, but we also ensure that all product or brand listings are also localized. We are still expanding the network of native speakers and researchers from around the world to not only provide the best language skills but also access to the cultural context.  

Start-up attitude

Since TGM Research is not a large company, we are very familiar with the agility that is an inherent characteristic of start-ups. We are up to date when it comes to technical innovations provided by research start-ups; for that reason, we are teaming up with suppliers of qualitative research tools to guarantee that you have the most modern options in your study. At the same time, we act quickly and agile to offer our clients the most effective and innovative solutions for their businesses. We know fast on-line communication, we know how to organize work to give 110% of ourselves.


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