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Amplifying Market Penetration for Men's Accessory Retailer in the Competitive Landscape Using Omnibus

A Swiss online retailer for men's accessories leverages Omnibus for quick and affordable insights to boost brand awareness


Project background:

Switzerland, renowned for its watchmaking excellence, is now drawing global fashion focus. A recent influx of high-profile fashion brands relocating their headquarters to Zurich has turned the spotlight onto this seemingly diminutive yet immensely influential nation. Our client, Trendhim, a distinguished online retailer specializing in men's accessories with a legacy dating back to 2007, recognized the burgeoning potential within this revitalized Swiss fashion environment.

However, in a fast-paced industry where every moment matters, a traditional market research approach might not suffice. Our client understood that their journey needed more than just intuition. It demanded empirical understanding, a pulse on the market, and solid insights that could guide their next steps. The challenge called for a solution that was swift, cost-effective, and could deliver actionable insights to steer their growth trajectory. This is where Trendhim realized the potency of our Omnibus service, which provides fast and reliable data at a lower cost to gauge their brand recognition.
Key data facts about Switzerland


  • Ensuring Representativeness:
    Switzerland's relatively small population is offset by its purchasing power, making it an attractive market. However, its compact size highlights the importance of strategic research methods that can effectively capture a representative cross-section of the population. The challenge lies in defining accurate demographic parameters and effectively locating respondents who align with the research objectives. In this context, the task at hand required not only precision but also innovation in sampling techniques to yield insights that are both comprehensive and insightful.
  • Cultivating Openness in Opinions:
    Central to Swiss culture is the principle of neutrality, a cornerstone that influences not only its international relations but also its domestic dynamics. This tradition extends to the realm of business and consumer behavior, where Swiss individuals tend to approach choices with a rational, considered outlook. In the context of market research, this poses the challenge of uncovering not just the surface-level preferences but also the underlying motivations that guide decisions. Engaging participants in open conversations requires a sensitive approach that encourages candid responses while respecting their propensity for discretion.
  • Privacy and Data Protection:
    Switzerland has strong privacy and data protection laws, which show the country's dedication to protecting people's rights. While this is commendable, it can create hurdles when collecting consumer data. Striking the right balance between gathering essential insights and respecting participants' privacy rights requires meticulous planning and adherence to strict regulations.


  • Market studied: Switzerland
  • Sample: N=1000
  • Targeted Audience: General Population
  • Study type:
    Brand tracker, Omnibus
  • Services provided:
    Data collection
    Data cleaning & processing


The implementation of the Omnibus project provided our client with rapid and reliable insights into their current brand recognition in the Swiss men's accessory market. The cost-effective nature of the Omnibus service ensured exceptional value, while its quick turnaround time enabled agile decision-making to meet evolving market demands. Through this efficient approach, our client seamlessly aligned their strategy with real-time dynamics, exemplifying the invaluable impact of Omnibus in accelerating informed business outcomes.

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