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Automated Reporting: Automated Power Point Charting


Business context & TGM Solution

One of the most important steps of your research lies in the report generation. Report generation is where you will turn your raw data into a neat report that will help you synthesize the data results and support your research to stress out the key findings of your studies. Depending on the complexity of the research design, the reporting part of it can be quite demanding and time-consuming, especially if you conduct multi-country projects with several languages or relevant data to merge.

Traditionally manually done, there are now plenty of powerful reporting tools in the market, allowing report automation with charting and offering a large range of features. We, at TGM Research, decided to use Microsoft Power BI for business as part of our fully automated reporting solution combining our global reach, automated reports and local knowledge.
Automated reports are slide sketches that we automatically fill with data once collected. Automatic reporting means that you can get your PowerPoint presentation very fast, regardless of how many slides you want. The process is very simple; we can create all the structure and content of your reports within our reporting software. Once done, we link data sources and export all those generated charting into your PowerPoint report.

They will also be without mistakes that are hard to avoid when you do slides manually. By working with us, you will receive reports with charts a few hours after data collection is finished, and you can easily insert new segments or custom variables/demographics without redoing all the process. We create business reports with all automated charting following your requirements: the charts, flow, crosstabs, business template, brand, logo and colours. Whatever your preferences and needs are – we can do it.

If you plan on doing brand tracking, we believe our business automated reports will change your life forever, since you will save time, money and efforts.

Why work with TGM Research on Automated Reporting and PowerPoint Charting?

Update the same slides with new data
It is especially good to automate reports when you do tracking as you just need to link reporting software with data sources and update the same slides with new data every month/quarter. With automated slides, you can arrange the appearance of the slides with us only once, and the data will update itself with every wave of research.
Global project reporting
If you need to conduct the research in a few countries and you need a standardized reporting for every one of them, automated reporting charts will be the perfect solution for you. You will not have to update the changes on every single report, since the entire process can be done effortlessly upfront within our reporting tool. All it takes is just a few clicks for the automated report to be generated for all countries and with the same layout.
Fast data visualization
By working with us, you will have a report with charts a few hours after the data collection is completed. If you need a quick visualization of the research data and then work on them in the form of charts, automated reporting charts are a great solution for you. Since you will be getting them effortlessly, you will have more time to devote to a deeper analysis of the obtained data.
Fully customized
All aspects of the automated report: branding, layout, data and information scope are fully tailored to you and performed on request. These also ensure consistency and one unique approach for tracking studies or multicountry projects.
Team of experts
Data analysts, researchers and analytics professionals are working together to create reports that you need to help with your business. We guarantee quality, agility, usable survey data as well as full support in your most in-depth statistical analyses integrated to your automated PowerPoint Charting report.
Global data collection with TGM is not just a product but a game-changing solution that allows you to access one integrated global audience. We also offer a report generation solutions that use technology on a deep level to provide fast results and automate reports ready to use. Our consultants, located in different time zones, will coordinate all aspects of your project with agility, using decades of experience to provide a fast turnaround.


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